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Pre-Vaccination Checklist Template

Customize this pre-vaccination checklist template and use it for your vaccination drives to know if a patient satisfies the basic vaccination criteria. The template can be used by hospitals, clinics, NGO and government agencies conducting vaccination drives.

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Why use this pre-vaccination checklist template?

Ensure patient safety with our pre vaccination checklist

How can SurveySparrow help you conduct vaccination drives?

Conversational Interface

With one question at a time appearing on the screen, filling checklists becomes easy, and the interface acts like a guide. You can divide the checklist into sections like health history, vaccination history, consent collection, etc. To break the monotony, you can also use conversational texts, emojis, gifs, and short videos within the checklist itself.

Multiple Sharing Options

Different sharing options like SMS, QR Code, Whatsapp, Email, and Link sharing help sharing the checklist amongst colleagues. You can schedule email share just before the drive and ensure the checklist is password protected. By tracking the responses from different channels, you can ensure that all vaccination guidelines are followed.

Multi-Language Support

No hassles in creating different checklists for different regions. Translate a single checklist into more than 130 languages using built-in Google translator. In just a few clicks, you can choose your preferred language and do an automatic translation. You can then go through it and improve the tone and style.

Connect with Other Apps

Other than 20+ native integrations, use Zapier to connect SurveySparrow with hundreds of other apps. Create workflows to connect with the patients better, provide personalized care, and make your healthcare services the best.

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