Features of Personal Hygiene Checklist Template

Track down easy with this Personal Hygiene Checklist Template

Read along to know about more features of this template and how you can make use of them.

Multilingual checklist

Exactly! Now your respondents can answer in any language they’re comfortable with. This template supports over 50 languages and comes with an inbuilt google translator. You can also use the translator editor to edit or modify any question you want to specific to the language.

Go Offline

Running an offline campaign , but concerned about the internet connectivity? We’ve got you covered! Simply download our offline application on your device and get going. Oh and don’t worry about your offline data. Set a specific time and the template will automatically sync all your data to the server at the set time!

Embedded checklist

Embed your checklist on emails or on your website for easy access. While you’re building the checklist click on the embed option to generate the code. Now, copy and paste the embed code to your destination and done! In case you want to embed the entire checklist, turn on the inline embed feature and follow the same process.

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