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Occupational Therapy Evaluation Form Template

Features of Occupational Therapy Evaluation Form Template

About Occupational Therapy Evaluation Form Template

Occupational therapy evaluation form deals with the field of healthcare that enables patients with emotional, mental, sensory, or physical disabilities to live independently. The therapy focuses on improving the quality of daily survival activities like walking, brushing teeth, bathing and getting dressed, eating, reading, playing with toys for children, writing on board, etc.

During the therapy, the occupational therapists spend enough time with the patients before giving them tasks to understand their disabilities.

Basically, the therapy is divided into three parts,

Self Care – The activities here include brushing teeth, taking bath, getting dressed, grooming, and toileting.

Leisure Activities – Children are given toys to play with to improve their hand-eye coordination. Adults are made to solve simple puzzles, outdoor sports, or any other creative activity they enjoy like playing a musical instrument, singing, etc.

Work – These activities have some specific outcomes to be met like filling forms, reading, shopping, etc.
The tasks are designed to boost the patients’ self-esteem by giving them a sense of achievement.

What is occupational therapy assessment?

To understand the patient’s development, occupational therapy assessments are conducted at regular intervals during the program. Therapists make use of this to check the cognitive and motor skills of the patients. Templates are either questionnaires or occupational therapy assessment checklists that guide therapists to follow a stepwise procedure for assessments.

What’s so special about the occupational therapy template?

For the assessment to go smoothly there are two prerequisites.

1. Follow a stepwise procedure without fail.
2 More focus on the patient and less of filing the assessment form or checklist.

This templates both these prerequisites. This template has totally 53 questions divided into different sections based on the types of skills assessed. With one question-at-a-time design, the template presents questions or instructions stepwise, leaving no scope for missing any step due to forgetfulness.

It also acts as a guiding tool for therapists. There is no need for them to remember the steps.
Most of the questions in the template can be answered by using a simple click or tap.

Once the answer is submitted, the template takes you to the next question. You can also customize this form for adults by tweaking the questions.

The minimalist design makes the text clearly visible to the therapist.

Can this template be used offline?

Yes. Install it on a tab, and carry it anywhere you want. This feature is a boon for those who conduct occupational therapy drives in remotest villages and towns. Also, generate occupational therapy evaluation reports in pDF format and document everything digitally.

See it, to believe it.

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