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Mental Health Assessment Template For Adults

Features of Mental Health Assessment Template For Adults

More Features of Mental Health Assessment Template For Adults

Here are a few more features of mental health assessment template that’ll help you conduct assessments for mental health. With SurveySparrow, you can customize this assessment form the way you want and add more flexibility to the process.

Go Offline

Install our app on a kiosk, or a tablet and conduct mental health evaluation using this form. The responsiveness of the questionnaire will adjust it to any screen size. This feature is useful for nursing homes based at isolated places with no connectivity. All the information is stored in the device.

Different Question Types

With different question types, you can conduct detailed assessments. Use yes/no questions, opinion based questions, rank based questions, multiple choice questions, and more to ask comprehensive behavioral health assessment questions.

Documents Upload

Upload necessary documents and patient reports using document upload question type. The feature also allows you to upload videos, and pictures. Conduct a thorough diagnostic assessment using this form.

Voice Transcription

For open ended questions, the responses can also be recorded. All the recordings can be accessed through the dashboard. The feature is useful when the patient’s voice sample is needed for psychiatric assessments.

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