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Home Care Satisfaction Survey Template

This home care satisfaction survey template is designed for home health care service providers to collect feedback from their customers to know how satisfied they are with their services. Feedbacks about staffing, scheduling, on call services, etc.

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Features of Home Care Satisfaction Survey Template

More Features of Home Care Satisfaction Survey Template

Providing home care is a noble job indeed and requires a lot of attention. You need to upgrade your services constantly to provide the best to your clients. But managing the feedback process manually is a tedious task. So, we’ve designed this Home Care Satisfaction Survey Template to make things easier for you. This survey template is detailed and gives you a clear picture of what your customers are looking for.

Matrix Question Type

The matrix question type is one of the most useful question types that is added to this home health care survey. N number of similar health care survey questions can be clubbed together to form one. Thus reducing the length of the survey. It also makes it easy for the respondents to answer. This question type supports both grade points and open-ended questions.

Voice Transcription

The voice transcription is an interesting feature that comes with this template. It allows your respondent to speak and answer your open ended questions. To activate the feature, simply turn it on while you’re building the survey. And while answering your respondents will click on the mic button to speak. That’s all!

Send Reminders

We know getting feedback from your clients is very important and when they miss to do so, it becomes very difficult to constantly remind them manually. But our home health survey is smart, it sends automated reminders to your customers. All you have to do is to set a time and the template will shoot email and SMS reminders to the ones who’ve missed taking the survey or the ones who’ve partially filled it.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a fruitful feature that comes with this home health patient satisfaction survey. It is used to segregate the responses you received based on the sentiment of your customers. It works best with open-ended questions. Simply turn on this feature in your health care survey and use it.

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