Features of our Teacher Feedback Form Template

More Features of Teacher Feedback Form Template

With SurveySparrow, this teacher feedback form can be transformed into more than just a feedback collection tool. Using our platform, you can refine the teaching and learning experience of your staff and students. By constantly monitoring the feedback ratings, through the dashboard, you can improve the overall quality of your institution. Here are a few more features that can help you to use this teacher feedback form for online classes better.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard lets you visualize the survey data through different graphs, charts, and widgets. Study the trends over time and make strategic decisions to train your staff accordingly. You can also share the teacher feedback reports with your staff. The positive comments will motivate them and the negative ones will help them to improve.

Device Friendly

This feature comes in handy, especially for online classes. Students can fill this teacher evaluation form on their mobile phones, tablets, or devices of any screen size. For offline classes, you can install it on a kiosk and collect feedback after every class. SurveySparrow templates are responsive to any screen, which means the design adjusts itself smoothly without any misalignment.

Offline Feedback Form

Collect feedback even in places where there’s no internet. Install the teacher assessment form on a kiosk and collect feedback internet free! Trigger SMS surveys immediately after the class is over and take teacher feedback when the experience is fresh.

Advanced Report Filters

A comprehensive report will have holistic data which can be challenging to arrive at conclusions. Derive insights by generating filtered reports. Choose the parameters and responses you want to feedback questions for teachers and generate reports that are more focused.

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