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Teacher Feedback Form Template

Features of our Teacher Feedback Form Template

Enhancing Teacher Feedback with SurveySparrow


Who can use this teacher feedback form template


Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, universities, and educational programs can use this template to collect feedback from students, parents, or colleagues about teachers’ performance.


Students can use this form to provide feedback on their teachers’ teaching methods, communication, and overall effectiveness in the classroom.


Parents and guardians can use the form to share their observations and opinions about their child’s teachers, ensuring their concerns are heard.

Teacher Training Programs

Organizations that provide teacher training and professional development can use this form to assess the effectiveness of their training sessions and instructors.

School Administrators

School administrators can gather feedback from students, parents, and staff members to evaluate and support their teaching staff.

Individual Teachers

Teachers themselves can use this form to seek feedback from their students, helping them identify areas for improvement in their teaching methods.

Educational Consultants

Educational consultants and experts can use the template when conducting evaluations or assessments of educational institutions or individual teachers.

Online Education Platforms

Online education platforms can utilize this form to gather feedback from students enrolled in their virtual classrooms, ensuring quality instruction.


Benefits of this Teacher Feedback Form Template


Conversational UI

Customize your teacher feedback form template to engage respondents effectively. Implement a conversational user interface, infuse it with emojis, gifs, and interactive messages, and guide respondents step by step. This approach simplifies the feedback process, increasing completion rates while making it enjoyable for participants.

Collect Feedback Anonymously

Encourage honesty by collecting anonymous feedback. When respondents remain anonymous, they are more likely to share candid and unfiltered opinions. This feature eliminates apprehension and fosters open and constructive feedback, providing valuable insights for educators.

Send Reminders

Improve response rates with automated reminders. Schedule reminders for those who haven’t initiated or completed the form. These reminders ensure a higher participation rate, resulting in more reliable and comprehensive feedback data.

Multiple Question Types

Collect comprehensive feedback with multiple question types. The template offers a diverse range of question formats, including multiple choice, open-ended, rank order, and more. This versatility enables educators to gain a deeper understanding of respondents’ perspectives, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Voice Transcription

Enhance accessibility and convenience by incorporating voice transcription. Respondents have the option to record their answers instead of typing them out (only for open ended question). This feature accommodates those who may have typing difficulties or prefer providing verbal responses.

Multilingual Form

Broaden your reach by translating the form into multiple languages using the Google Translate feature within the form builder. This ensures that respondents from diverse linguistic backgrounds can comfortably provide feedback, making the process more inclusive and effective.

Multiple Formats

Choose between a conversational style, where one question appears on each screen, a traditional single-page layout, or an interactive chatbot experience. Tailoring the format enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the teacher feedback collection process.


How to use this teacher feedback form template


Step 1: Customize

Customize the background colors and fonts to align with your branding or school’s theme. Craft a welcoming message on the initial page to set the context and expectations for respondents. Create a personalized thank-you page with a message of appreciation or next steps. Modify the form by adding or removing questions to collect the relevant feedback. Utilize SurveySparrow’s AI Wing feature to rephrase questions for clarity and engagement. For advanced customization, use CSS to achieve a unique and branded design for your teacher feedback form.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Seamlessly integrate your form with third-party applications to streamline data management. Ensure that feedback data is automatically transferred to your preferred apps, facilitating efficient analysis and follow-up.

Step 3: Share

Share the form via a link that can be easily distributed through various communication channels. Send feedback invitations via SMS or email to reach respondents directly. Promote the form on your school’s social media platforms to broaden participation. Embed the form directly on your school’s website for straightforward access. Generate a QR code for convenient scanning and immediate access to the form.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Export feedback results to CSV for in-depth analysis, reporting, or sharing with stakeholders. Utilize filters and widgets within the dashboard to gain insights and visualize trends in real-time. Monitor and track feedback responses to identify areas of improvement and celebrate strengths in teaching.


Sample Teacher Feedback Survey Questions


  1. How would you rate the teacher’s knowledge and expertise in the subject matter?
  2. Did the teacher effectively communicate lesson plans and expectations for the course?
  3. Was the teacher approachable and responsive to questions or concerns?
  4. Did the teacher create a positive and inclusive classroom environment?
  5. How would you rate the teacher’s ability to provide timely and constructive feedback on assignments and assessments?
  6. Did the teacher use a variety of teaching methods to engage students effectively?
  7. What aspects of the teacher’s teaching style or methods did you find most effective?
  8. What aspects of the teacher’s teaching style or methods do you think could be improved?
  9. How would you rate the teacher’s overall effectiveness as an educator?
  10. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions regarding the teacher’s performance?
  11. Would you recommend this teacher to other students? Why or why not?
  12. How would you describe the teacher’s availability for extra help or one-on-one assistance outside of regular class hours?
  13. Were the teacher’s classroom materials and resources (e.g., handouts, presentations) helpful in your learning experience?
  14. Do you have any specific examples of instances where the teacher went above and beyond to support your learning?
  15. How would you rate the teacher’s overall professionalism and demeanor in the classroom?

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