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Student Information Collection Form Template

Why Use This Student Information Form Template?

Student Information Collection Made Easy


Use Cases: Student Information Collection Form Template


School Enrollment

During the enrollment process, the form can include fields for basic personal information (name, date of birth, gender), contact details, address, citizenship status, and details of any previous educational institutions attended.

Class Registration

For class registration, the form can collect information such as the student’s grade level, desired courses, elective preferences, and any prerequisites required for enrollment in specific classes.

Emergency Contact Information

This section of the form should gather details of emergency contacts, including names, relationships, phone numbers, and addresses. It may also include a section for any medical conditions or allergies that emergency responders should be aware of.

Health and Medical Records

Include sections for medical history, immunization records, allergies, and any ongoing health concerns. This information is crucial for ensuring the well-being of students while they are at school.

Parental Consent Forms

Sections in this part of the form can cover a range of activities requiring parental consent, such as participation in field trips, school events, medical treatment in case of emergencies, and media release permissions for using a student’s image in promotional materials.

Transportation Details

This section can include information about how students commute to and from school, whether they use school buses, public transportation, walk, or are dropped off/picked up by parents or guardians.

Student Surveys

Create sections for students to provide feedback on their overall experience, satisfaction with classes, suggestions for improvement, and any concerns they may have. This can help schools make informed decisions to enhance the educational experience.

Updating Contact Information

Distribute the form periodically to parents or guardians to ensure that the school always has up-to-date contact information, including changes in phone numbers, addresses, or emergency contacts.

Performance Tracking

Include fields for academic performance indicators, attendance records, and teacher comments. This information aids in monitoring a student’s progress, identifying areas that may need additional support, and facilitating communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Special Education and IEP Documentation

Customize the form to collect information related to a student’s individual needs, accommodations required, and details about their Individualized Education Program (IEP) if applicable. This ensures that educators are aware of and can address specific learning requirements.

Extracurricular Activities Registration

This part of the form can capture students’ interests in various extracurricular activities, helping schools organize and plan clubs, sports teams, or other after-school programs based on student preferences.

Graduation Information

Include fields for anticipated graduation dates, required courses for graduation, and any special requests or considerations for the graduation ceremony. This information helps schools ensure that students are on track to meet graduation requirements.


How SurveySparrow Simplifies Student Data Collection


Conversational Surveys

This conversational form simulates a natural conversation, engaging students in a friendly and interactive manner. This approach ensures a more enjoyable experience for students, leading to more accurate and valuable information.


The platform allows for the personalization of the form, tailoring questions based on student characteristics or preferences. This feature ensures that the collected data is highly relevant and specific to each student, providing more nuanced insights.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard provides a centralized hub for monitoring and analyzing student information. It offers a visual representation of key data points, making it easier for educational institutions to derive actionable insights and track the effectiveness of data collection efforts.

Ticket Management

The ticket management feature streamlines issue resolution related to student information. This ensures that any challenges or concerns raised by students during the process are efficiently addressed, contributing to a smoother data collection process.

White-label Surveys

Educational institutions can white-label the form with their branding, including logos and design elements. This feature helps maintain a consistent institutional identity and fosters a sense of familiarity among students participating in the data collection.

Data Collection Software

The platform’s data collection software is equipped with a powerful dashboard that provides accurate reports. This comprehensive view of information enhances the efficiency of data analysis, supporting informed decision-making by educational institutions.


The platform offers robust analytics, allowing institutions to derive valuable insights from the collected information. Advanced analytics tools help in identifying patterns, trends, and correlations within the data, supporting data-driven decision-making processes in educational institutions.

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