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Student Demographic Form Template

This student demographic form template can collect the necessary data on students, such as age, gender, marital status, family income, education level, and working status. Educational institutions can use this information to design their improvement plan.

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Features of Student Demographic Form Template

Add conversational touch to your student demographic forms!


Benefits of Student Demographic Form Template


With SurveySparrow, this student demographic survey template is transformed into a tool universities can use to analyze the collected data and generate reports.

White Labeling

This feature of Surveysparrow enables students to personalize their survey form by adding their university or school logo. This can signify the survey’s authenticity and instill confidence in respondents. In addition to the pre-designed demographic questions, students can add relevant questions to gather more specific feedback.

Surveysparrow’s CSS tool can customize the form by adding design elements such as colors and fonts that match their university or school’s brand identity. This customization creates a more engaging and personalized experience for survey students.

This feature can improve student engagement and survey participation by making the form more professional and tailored to the university or school’s brand. It also provides flexibility in designing and customizing the survey to suit the institution’s specific needs better.

MS Excel Integration

This integration seamlessly integrates your demographic survey responses with Microsoft Excel. With this integration, once your form is filled out and submitted, the data collected through the survey is automatically transferred to an Excel spreadsheet, enabling you to organize and analyze the responses easily.

Once students complete the form, their responses are automatically added to an Excel spreadsheet. You can then use this data to create a student information sheet containing all the information you need about each student, such as their name, age, grade level, contact information, and other relevant details.

Additionally, you can generate reports based on the data collected. With MS Excel’s features, you can create charts, graphs, and tables to visualize the data and gain insights into the trends and patterns. For example, you can create a report showing the number of students in each grade level or the average age in each class.

Mobile Friendly

Regardless of screen size, this student demographic survey template has been designed to work well on various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. In other words, a mobile-friendly form is easy to use and view on any device, allowing students to access and fill it out conveniently anywhere.

Additionally, a mobile-friendly form may have other features that enhance the user experience, such as responsive design, which allows the form to adapt to different screen sizes, making it easier to read the content. It may also have simplified navigation and input options optimized for touchscreens, making it quicker and easier for students to complete the form on their mobile devices.

Accept Documents

Collect the necessary documents from students through a survey form using the upload document question type. It benefits educational institutions, as it can collect important documents such as transcripts, certificates, resumes, or essays.

With this feature, you can create a demographic form requiring students to upload or drag and drop their documents as they complete the survey. This process is much faster and more efficient than collecting hard copies of documents, which must be sorted and stored physically.

By collecting soft copies of the documents, you also avoid the risk of losing or damaging important documents. Plus, it makes managing and accessing the information easier as you can store the documents electronically and retrieve them as needed.


How to use this student demographic form template


Step 1: Customize Your Survey

Start by customizing the survey to match your preferences and branding. You can edit background colors to match your school or institution’s theme. Adjust fonts for a consistent look and feel. Customize the welcome page to provide context and instructions to students. Create a personalized thank-you page with a message or next steps. Add or remove student demographic questions based on your specific needs. Utilize SurveySparrow’s AI Wing feature to rephrase questions for clarity. Apply CSS for advanced customization to achieve a unique design.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Seamlessly integrate your student demographic survey with third-party applications to streamline data collection and management.
Connect SurveySparrow with tools like Google Sheets, to automate data transfers and notifications. Integration ensures that survey responses are easily accessible and can be utilized in your existing workflow.

Step 3: Share Your Survey

Use multiple sharing options to reach your target audience effectively. Share via a link that can be distributed through various channels. Send survey invitations via SMS or email to reach students directly. Promote on social media platforms to increase participation. Embed the survey on your school’s webpage for easy access. Generate a QR code for quick scanning and participation. These options ensure that students can conveniently access and complete the demographic survey.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Once responses start coming in, you can efficiently manage and analyze the data. Export survey results to CSV for further analysis or reporting. Use filters and widgets within SurveySparrow’s dashboard to gain insights and visualize data trends. Monitor and track demographic information in real-time, helping you make informed decisions based on the collected data.


Sample demographic questions for students


  1. What is your gender?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your ethnicity or race?
  4. What is your nationality?
  5. What is your current level of education?
  6. What is your major or field of study?
  7. What year are you in school?
  8. Where do you currently reside while attending school?
  9. What is your current employment status?
  10. What is your approximate annual income?
  11. What is the highest level of education completed by your parents or guardians?
  12. Are you a first-generation college student?
  13. What is your preferred language for communication?
  14. Do you have any specific accessibility needs or accommodations required for your studies? Please describe.
  15. What is your current home address?

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