Features of School Bus Pre Trip Checklist Template

More Features of School Bus Pre Trip Inspection Checklist Template

SurveySparrow features help you to not only carry out the inspection process using this template, but also to assign priority levels to serious issues that need urgent attention.

Customize the way you want!

With our builder, you can adjust the color of the background, button, font, to suit your brand. Use CSS advanced editor to code your own background. We also have a collection of preset themes which you can apply to the template with just one click.

Collect Signature Digitally

With accept signature question, you can collect the inspectors’ signature digitally. The inspector can either draw the signature if it’s a touch screen device or upload a digital signature in the form. You can see the signatures in the responses tab.

Prioritize Repair Work

Use case management feature to create cases based on the seriousness of the issue. Create a case, assign it to the right maintenance engineer, and keep track of the progress. Set-up email notifications for every information shared.

Offline Checklist

Install bus inspection checklist on a device and use it offline. Conduct pre trip bus inspections even when there is no internet. Access all the responses through the device and ensure the safety standards are met.

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