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Scholarship Application Form Template

Features of Scholarship Application Form Template

More Features of Scholarship Application Form Template

Skip the hassle of managing paperworks and long queues. Instead, use this scholarship application form template from SurveySparrow to accept and manage scholarship applications in just a couple of clicks. This scholarship application form comes with interesting features that lets you expedite the entire application process and gives you and your candidates a smooth-sailing experience.

Voice Transcription

This intelligent scholarship application form comes with a voice transcription feature that lets your candidates answer the open-ended questions by voice. Use this feature to reduce the effort and the form completion time.

Go Offline

Set up a kiosk or visit places to accept applications without worrying about the network connectivity. Simply download the SurveySparrow offline application on your device to use the survey any time, anywhere. Retrieving the data is equally easy! Set up an auto-sync time and let the app do the rest.

Capture Photo

Fast forward the application process. Use the Photo Capture Question Type and let your candidates click and upload their picture while filling up the form. Well, viewing and downloading the image is equally easy. When you receive the responses, it will appear as a thumbnail like other responses. Click on the thumbnail and download the image.

Executive Dashboard

Store all the necessary information of your applicants in one smart dashboard and with easy sharing options. Not just that, you can customize your data according to the way you want it to be viewed. Once done, you can share the same with the concerned stakeholders using a shareable link!

Smart and Personalized Form

Use the Display/Skip logic feature to display or skip questions based on the responses you receive from the candidate. You can also use expressions and variables in your free scholarship application template to personalize it and make it more interactive.

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