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Features of our Online Exam Application Form

Ace your exam forms with our Online Exam Application Form

With this online exam application form, you can ace your form creation while your students get ready to ace their examinations. Complete with advanced question types and customizations, this form is all you need for the smooth scheduling of exams. No confusion or missed forms anymore!


Gone are the days when candidates had to print out examination registration forms or find an internet cafe to register online for an exam. Save your applicants a lot of trouble by allowing them to access and fill out their exam forms online and from their chosen devices. Be it laptops, personal computers, tablets, or smartphones, it’s up to your candidates to choose their mode of registering for the exam. On the go or at home, it doesn’t matter! Giving them this flexibility can improve your response and completion rates by up to 40%.

Multiple Share Option

Online examination registration forms fall under the purview of a necessity, and it is only fair that everyone gets access to it. Reach your applicants where they hang out by sharing the exam forms on the channel they’re most likely to be around. For instance, with school students, you can share the student exam forms via SMS or email with the parent, bring them all to a single portal and share it there or even send them out a URL. In the case of a coaching center or other educational institutions, you can place a QR code in the lobby or elsewhere and let students scan the codes from their smartphones. These forms can be distributed through offline kiosks in remote areas with little internet connectivity. You can also try out website embeds or social media sharing.

White-Labeled Forms

Exam registration forms contain a lot of personal details of a candidate. Even before they start filling out the forms, the applicants need to know that it is from a trusted source. You can nurture their confidence and trust by using end-to-end white labeling on your forms. Add your logo to the exam forms, and use your fonts, colors, and color palettes. You can even make use of favicons as well as host the layout on your custom domain. Besides building the candidate’s trust, white labeling helps you retain your brand identity and make your forms reflect your name. You can also stand out from the crowd and do easy marketing.

Automated Reminder

When you’re in a school, college, university, or any other educational institution, everyone must fill out their student exam forms, no matter what, within a particular time frame. With automated reminders, you can send reminder emails to students and notify them of incomplete exam forms or remind them to complete them. With SurveySparrow, you can go above and beyond and even set cut-off dates for your exam registration forms and ensure that no one fills the forms after a particular date. Automation to help you sit back and relax, tension-free!

Highly Secure

Online examination registration forms often contain signatures, phone numbers, and sometimes even payments. Ensuring the safety and security of your candidates is of utmost importance and lays the foundation for trust.  Say hello to safe and secure forms by SurveySparrow. Secure your surveys and use SSL by transferring encrypted data over the internet. Establish a secure connection and guard your custom domain URL with ‘https’ using custom SSL. Keep a record of the IP addresses to track respondents and prevent spamming.

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