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ID Card Registration Form Template

Features of ID Card Registration Form Template

More Features of ID card registration form template

Make the ID card application process engaging using the conversational features of SurveySparrow. Form filling is easy for respondents, and you get the information you want!

Comprehensive Contact Form

You can also use this template for application for online school id card and collect contact information from your students, which covers all data such as name, email address, residential address, school id number, phone number, and so on. You may also customize the contact form to your liking.

Skip/Display Logic

Instead of bombarding your respondents with irrelevant questions, ask pertinent and matching ones. Turn it on to show or hide a question based on previous responses from your respondents. This speeds up the process of filling out the form.

Accept Signatures

A form with significant intent must be signed to avoid further misunderstanding. As a result, this template includes a signature question type that allows you to collect respondents’ signatures. Respondents can upload, draw, or type their signatures in response to this question type.

Capture Picture

Photographs of your respondents are required for students’ online school ID or other IDs application. The photo capture option in the form, allowing your registrants to click and upload their photos as they fill out the form. As a result, the time spent uploading or physically submitting the image is eliminated. It also removes the need for you to keep all hard copies of the photographs.

Secure your data

You are responsible for keeping the applicants’ data safe and secure while they are filling out the entry form for ID cards. This template uses SSL to establish a connection, ensuring your data’s safety and security.

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