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Course Exit Survey Template

The course exit survey template is designed for online and offline coaching/training institutes to collect feedback from the students leaving the course midway.

It acts like a curriculum evaluation form that helps institutes to work upon their courses and make them better.

With more course exit survey questions, you can customize this template as per your needs. Check out the preview now!

Use This Template

Why use this course exit survey template?

Collect course exit feedback, get actionable insights


Use cases of course exit survey template


Higher Education Institutions

Higher education institutions can use this survey to collect feedback from students exiting courses. This feedback helps improve course content, teaching methodologies, and overall student satisfaction. Institutions can make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience.

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms benefit from the survey by gathering insights from learners completing courses. This feedback assists in refining online course offerings, identifying areas for improvement, and increasing course completion rates.

Corporate Training Programs

Companies conducting training programs can use the template to collect feedback from employees after training sessions or courses. Insights gathered help organizations fine-tune training content and delivery methods, ensuring a more effective and engaging learning experience for employees.

Professional Development Providers

Providers of professional development courses and workshops can employ the template to gather feedback from participants exiting their programs. This feedback aids in tailoring future offerings, enhancing program content, and boosting participant satisfaction, ultimately attracting more attendees and improving program outcomes.


Benefits of our course exit survey template


Engaging Conversational Experience

Surveysparrow makes form-filling engaging by incorporating emojis, GIFs, and interactive messages. This ensures that respondents are actively involved in providing feedback, leading to more comprehensive insights.

Brand-Friendly and White Labeling

Customize the survey to align with your institution’s branding. Adjust colors, fonts, button styles, and form backgrounds to create an authentic and trustworthy image. With custom domains and white-labeling, the survey seamlessly integrates with your brand identity. Access a library of free images from Unsplash to enhance visual appeal.

Multiple Sharing Options

The survey builder offers a range of sharing options, including WhatsApp, SMS, unique links, QR codes, and webpage embedding. Whether inline or as a popup using shortcodes, respondents can access the survey with ease. Embed it on your institution’s career page to simplify feedback collection.

Library of Question Types

Employ sentiment analysis for open-ended questions, enabling you to gauge the emotional tone of responses. Use opinion scale question types to assess overall satisfaction, and multiple-choice questions to pinpoint specific reasons for leaving a course. These features enhance the depth of feedback analysis.

Structured Sections

Customize the survey by adding sections, allowing you to organize feedback efficiently. Gather insights on various aspects of the course exit experience for a more systematic evaluation.

Three User-Friendly Formats

Surveysparrow caters to respondent preferences with three formats:

Conversational Format: Display one question at a time on a single screen for a seamless flow.

Single Page Form: Present the entire survey on one page for those who prefer a comprehensive view.

Chatbot Format: Offer a chatbot-like interaction for a unique and user-friendly experience.


How to use this course exit survey template



Personalize the form’s appearance by adjusting background colors, fonts, and styles to match your institution’s branding. Create an engaging welcome page to provide context and instructions for respondents. Customize the thank you page with a message of appreciation and next steps. Add or remove questions as needed to gather relevant feedback. Use our AI Wing feature to rephrase questions for clarity and variety.


Seamlessly integrate your form with Google Sheets to collect and manage respondent data efficiently. Alternatively, integrate your form with Excel Online for data storage and analysis, ensuring your data is organized. If you use HubSpot for CRM or other processes, consider integrating your form to streamline data collection and enhance your communication with respondents.


Make it easy for respondents to access the form through various channels. Share it via a unique link, SMS, email, social media, or embed it on your institution’s webpage. Generate a QR code for quick access to the form, enhancing convenience for respondents.


Effortlessly export respondent data to CSV files for further analysis, reporting, or sharing with relevant departments. Use the dashboard features to gain insights from respondent feedback. Use filters and widgets to customize the view, analyze trends, and track key performance indicators related to your courses and institution.


Sample Course Exit Survey Questions


  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with this course?
  2. Did the course content meet your expectations?
  3. How would you rate the instructor’s knowledge and teaching ability?
  4. Were the course materials (e.g., textbooks, handouts, online resources) helpful?
  5. Did the course foster student engagement and interaction?
  6. Were the course assessments (quizzes, assignments, exams) fair and helpful?
  7. Was the course well-organized and structured?
  8. Would you recommend this course to others?
  9. Was the course duration appropriate for covering the material effectively?
  10. Any additional comments or suggestions for improvement?

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