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Website Design Questionnaire Template

Features of Website Design Questionnaire Template

More Features of Website Design Questionnaire Template

Collecting the brief from your client is the first step to executing a website design. So, you need to gather the information with maximum clarity. Thus, we’ve designed this Website Design Questionnaire to get you all the information. Not just that, this questionnaire is built using a conversational tone, enabling you to connect with your client even better. Furthermore, this questionnaire comes with various other features to benefit your business.

Voice Transcription

Let your respondent fill up the website questionnaire simply by using their voice. How? Well, use the Voice Transcription feature and make it happen! All you have to do is to turn on the feature while creating the questionnaire. And your respondents will see a microphone button. They can click the button and start talking to fill out the form.

Matrix Question Type

Why make your form lengthy unnecessarily? You could use the Matrix Question Type instead to club all similar questions into one. The matrix question type can be used for a rating or open questions. Easily add or remove rows/columns to use it your way!

Go Offline

If you want to serve your customers better and decide to go to their doorstep to complete the questionnaire, don’t worry! we’ll support you there too! Download our offline application on your device and use the questionnaire seamlessly without worrying about network connectivity. Set a particular time, and the application will automatically upload the offline data on your server.

Customized Themes

Design your questionnaire well to connect with your clients better. And we can help you with this as well! We’ve already designed a range of themes for you to modify this website questionnaire template. But that’s not all! We also let you customize the theme through and through to create your own. Add your images, fonts, colors, and watch the magic!

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