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Vendor Application Form Template

Features of Vendor Application Form Template

More Features of Vendor Application Form Template

Manage your vendor lifecycle for your vendor festivals, business, or farmers market smoothly using this vendor application form template with SurveySparrow.

Upload Documents

Collect all necessary documents from the vendors using file upload question type. No hassles! Vendors can easily drag and drop their files onto the form to upload. You can download the files directly from the dashboard.

Google Sheet Integration

Toggle ON google sheet integration and collect all vendor application information in a single google sheet. The sheet can be accessed from the integration tab, and the data can be recorded real-time. With a sheet, you can sort your data better.

QR Code

Vendors can access the form using QR codes. They can scan codes on their mobile phones and fill out the applications. With QR code, you get a location tracking feature which will give you the location from where the vendor has signed up. For events of huge scale, you can display QR codes on your banner, website, and track to get location wise data.

Library of Question Types

With a myriad of question types, collect the right information. A comprehensive contact form helps you collect contact information in just one question. Other types include open ended, date, file upload, yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, etc.

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