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Tip Share Calculator

Calculate the Tip Share Instantly.

Effortless Tip Splitting with Tip Share Calculator

A tip is an additional amount paid generally to a waiter, driver, or cleaning staff as compensation for their service. It is actually a way of expressing gratitude for the services offered. Although there is no fixed amount that needs to be paid as a tip, 15% of the bill is mostly acceptable. This tip-share calculator template helps in splitting the bills and makes the calculations easier. for the members by using the tip calculator formula.

Contact Management

Contacts management gives you the ability to list and manage your contacts. If you want to use this calculator within your organization or group of members, create and import your own custom list of contacts based on the number of people chipping in for the tip. In this manner, the tip share calculator will make it easier to split the bills and pay the tip accordingly.


Create expressions to calculate the tip based on the entries filled. You can change the tip share from the bill according to your region. In some countries, the tip is as low as 5% of the bill, whereas, in some countries, it is as high as 25%.

Stripe Integration

You can use this tip calculator to collect payments as well. The stripe integration with SurveySparrow lets you collect payments via credit/debit cards through your forms. With this integration, you can calculate the tip and make a payment, all on a single platform. The tip pool calculator template helps in splitting the bills and the stripe integration will help in making payments easier through the forms directly to the member paying the bill.

MS Excel or Google Sheets Integration

MS Excel or Google Sheets integration with SurveySparrow helps in creating a tip pooling spreadsheet based on the responses received. With the Online tip calculator template a tip pool spreadsheet can be created and can be used to know the tip paying pattern of customers.


Use Cases Tip Share & Pool Calculator Template


Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Clients can use this calculator during holidays at a resort or on a business trip while staying in a luxury hotel. All they would have to do is input the bill amount. It can also be customized to collect details about the hotel or resort location, services they used, or the suite they stayed in to calculate a tiered tip for that particular location, service, or suite. It would also help consumers be aware of how much they need or do not need to pay as a tip during these stays.

Spas and Salons

This template can be used to calculate additional payouts or tips for different levels of services provided by spas. It can include special questions about the feedback on each service provided by a particular masseuse or masseur and calculate a customized tip every time they visit the spa. They can even have a section for the appreciation of their favorite masseuse or masseur.

Online Food Ordering

This template can be used to instantly calculate tips for delivery partners as the food order arrives. It can be customized to include questions according to the food order, restaurant type, distance, city location, delivery time, and delivery feedback. An option to autofill some data will make the template even more dynamic and easy to use. It can be integrated into the ordering app or into the chatbot of the delivery service so that customers can easily fill it out while waiting for their order.

Packing and Moving Services

Simply by adding information about their luggage, location, distance, and any delays in the moving process that may have occurred, customers will be able to easily calculate tips or additional payments that need to be made to porters or packing and moving partners, and they will be able to get a fair price to pay their packing partners. Retailers who utilize the services of logistic and shipping service providers are another group that can make use of this template.

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