Features of this Tenant Satisfaction Survey Template

More Features of Tenant Satisfaction Survey Template

Engage your tenants in conversations and get to know them better. Use SurveySparrow features to visualize the responses, achieve better clarity, and higher response rates. Simplify property management.

Device Friendly

Tenants will find it time consuming to fill the survey on a laptop every time. Not to worry!! This tenant survey is responsive to all the screen sizes . You can fill it on smartphones, laptops or tablets at any time. The chat interface get you higher completion rate for this resident satisfaction survey template.

Multiple Question Types

The residents will find it interesting to fill the satisfaction survey template if different types of questions are present. You can add varieties of question types such as rating, dropdown, multiple choice and many others. You can add a rating type of question and ask the residents to rate their living space. Based on the points you can determine the areas of improvement.

Recurring Survey

Creating a new survey and sharing it to the residents every time is a very time consuming task. Automate the survey using our recurring feature. You can schedule when to send the tenant questionnaire template to the tenants. Set it at a frequency of weekly, monthly or yearly basis and collect feedback periodically.

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions and know the exact mood of the tenant based on the word cloud. The word cloud shows which words are repeated the most that help you to understand the exact emotion behind the feedback.

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