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Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Template

We’ve designed this Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Template to analyze your supplier’s commitment and contribution towards the growth of your organization. This supplier evaluation questionnaire is a smart, short, and relevant one that gets you a detailed insight into your supplier’s performance.

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Features of Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Template

More features of Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Template

Use the supplier assessment questionnaire template to evaluate different aspects of your suppliers. Right from a well designed form, to the neatly organized dashboard that helps you keep track of supplier performance, the platform makes gathering insights very easy.

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions. You’ll have a word cloud showing the most popular words used by the respondents in the supplier questionnaire. Based on this you can know the exact sentiment about a supplier giving you clarity in making decisions.

Widgets, Graphs, & Charts

Track your suppliers’ performance using a dashboard that displays data in different formats. Once the supplier evaluation form is filled, the dashboard gets updated instantly. Use different types of widgets, graphs, and charts to understand the data from different perspectives.

Customized Themes

Our builder has a collection of pre-designed themes which you apply to this supplier evaluation template in just a few clicks. Also, create your own design by using our builder feature. Add a background image, change the button color, font, use CSS editor to play around.

Automated Reminders

Trigger email reminders for incomplete responses. Set up this feature for the supplier questionnaire template and the platform will send reminders for those respondents who left the questionnaire midway. Also, send emails to those who have not started the questionnaire.

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