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Features of our Statement of Work Template

More Features of Statement Of Work Template

Our customizable and easy-to-use SOW template comes with the option of adding your own logo to it. With a wide range of questions, we ensure that all the crucial information of the contract details are filled in diligently and promptly. With SurveySparrow this statement of work template extends its usability beyond being just a record keeping form. Using right integrations, logic branching, multiple sharing options, and many other features, the template helps in simplifying your workflow.

Accepts Signature

This feature allows you to collect respondents’ signatures directly from the survey responses. There are three options for signing: draw, type, and upload. Respondents are free to select any of these options. So, record the details of the project from the statement of work template responses and allow the respondents to add their signature to avoid further confusion.

Microsoft Teams Integration

SurveySparrow, in collaboration with Microsoft teams, aids in sharing of forms & surveys. As a result, this form can be shared through MS Teams to your employees. They can fill the statement of work right in the Teams tab and submit the responses.

Conversational UI

This is a more employee-friendly and conversational template. Respondents will find the template interesting to fill out, and they will enjoy doing so rather than becoming bored. You can break the traditional approach of boring form filling into a more interactive experience. With a few changes in questions you can use this generic template as a statement of work for software implementation as well.

Logic Branching

While gathering information from employees, ask pertinent questions using logic branching based on the details. You can either skip or display questions based on the responses. This also clarifies the objectives and deliverables of the statement of work, allowing a pdf to be created to move forward with the organization.

Responsive & Multiple Sharing Option

The statement of work template can be shared in a variety of ways, including email, SMS, and a unique web link. The flexibility of sharing in multiple ways makes it more easily accessible. The form is also blazingly responsive. Respondents can fill out the form whenever they want, by saving a lot of time.

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