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Rental History Verification Form Template

Features of Rental History Verification Form Template

More Features of Rental History Verification Form Template

Rental History Verification Form template from SurveySparrow can simplify a lot of processes for real estate businesses. Right from collecting information of prospective tenants, or queries related to property maintenance, or verification of rents. The conversation style of this verification form makes it easier for the prospective tenant to fill in the rent details. Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that can help you make things easy.

Records Management

Access all information in a single dashboard. Sort it by alphabetical order, see who has partially filled the form and send them a reminder, and share the report with other committee members. Filter information as you want using custom filter features.

Ticket Management

For issues to be addressed immediately, create cases and assign them to your members using ticket management features. Members can communicate on the platform itself. And, for every message shared on the platform, get email notifications.

Google Sheet Integration

Record all the information in a google sheet instantly using the integration. Toggle it on in the integration tab, and you will have the access to the rental verification sheet anytime. Use features of google sheets to organize the data better and maintain a database.

White Label Form

Own the rental history form and make it your own using our builder features. Add your brand logo, background color that goes with your guidelines, change the font and also get a custom URL. Replace SurveySparrow branding with your brand in the form.

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