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Property Release Form Template

Features of Property Release Form Template

More Features of Property Release Form Template

As a real estate agency managing multiple properties and their respective documents must be a tedious process and we understand that. Thus, we designed this Property Release Form Template to let you handle release of personal property(ies) with ease. This template is built using a simple and conversational tone to ensure your respondents have clarity of every question. Apart from that there are some other features that make your life easier. Read along to know more.

Terms & Conditions Question Type

Use the Terms & Conditions Question Type to make each and every term and condition clear to your respondent without any confusion. This question type gives you the space to explain all the conditions and let your respondent accept them with just a click.

Customized Themes

This release of property form is loaded with preset themes. But that’s not all! You could choose themes from the preset ones or, you could create your own. Simply pick up a theme and customize it the way you want it to be! Edit background pixels, add images, customize the fonts, play around with colors – redesign it according to your preference.

Go Offline

If you’re planning to provide a door to door service, you don’t need to worry about the network connectivity. We have our offline application that lets you run the form without any internet connection. You can schedule auto-sync time and the application will automatically sync all your data to the server seamlessly.

Real-time Reporting

Our release of the property form template comes with a feature called real-time reporting that saves the responses soon after the Submit button is hit. This reduces the delay of saving data. It also ensures no error occurs while saving the responses, eventually reducing the turnaround time.

Multiple Sharing Options

Want to share your form with your respondents. We have enabled this template with multiple sharing options which lets you share it using multiple mediums. From social media platforms to SMSes, from Emails embed to email link share, we’ve covered it all. Not just that! You can share QR codes too!

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