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Product Enquiry Form Template

Features of Product Enquiry Form Template

More Features of Product Enquiry Form Template

Collect questions and demo requests from the customers easily using this product enquiry form. Trigger notifications to your customer facing teams and streamline the process.

Library of Questions

Use our builder to add different question types in your product enquiry form. You can use multiple choice questions, picture based questions, rating type and many others in your form. Adding different types of questions will make the form interesting for the customers.

Conversational UI

Converse with your customers by making the form engaging. Add various emojis, gifs and short messages in your enquiry form to make it interesting for the customers. GIve an engaging experience to the respondents.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with google sheet integration lets you collect the responses of the form directly into the google spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be further used for analyses of all the responses and based on the analyses reports can be generated pertaining to the customer enquiry on products.

Mobile SDK

This feature enables you to embed the product enquiry form in your smartphone app, allowing respondents to fill it out on their smartphones. With only a few lines of code, you can activate the form in your app and gather useful feedback from clients.

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