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Pre Sales Questionnaire Template

Features of Pre-Sales Questionnaire Template

Up your sales strategy with this Pre-sales Questionnaire Template

This pre-sales survey is designed to get you quality information on your leads and help you convert them into business. Some of the features we’ve already discussed; read along to know more about them.

Personalized Questionnaire

A conversational approach is better for understanding your clients’ needs than a typical questionnaire. So, we’ve enabled this template with the pipeline feature that lets you add previous answers to your current questions. Add variables to your questionnaire and simulate a real-time conversation!

Sort Your Data

Understand the business trends and needs of your clients. Use the features like cross-tabulation and advanced reports filter available with this template. While the cross-tabulation feature lets you compare and contrast your data, the advanced reports filter lets you sort the responses based on the customer details, date, time, questions, answers, and many more. What’s more interesting is you can save this sorted data for later use.

Voice Recording Feature

Typing out long answers can be tedious for your respondents. So, we’ve enabled this template with a voice recording feature. While designing your questionnaire, turn on the voice transcription button. And when your respondents fill out the questionnaire, they’ll find a microphone button, which when pressed will start recording their answers.

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