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Pick-Up Form Template

Use this pick-up form template to streamline order-picking processes and enhance customer satisfaction. Simplify the collection of order details and reduce waiting time for customers. Our user-friendly template ensures a seamless experience for your business and customers alike.

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Features of Pickup Form Template

Takeaways made easy with this Pickup Form Template

Customize this template and play around with more features. Keep reading to know more about the features and how you can make the most of them.

Payment on the Go

Accepting payments in one go is very important when it comes to pre-ordering. So we’ve enabled this template with the payment question type. We’ve integrated our system with Stripe to make all transactions safe and secure. The transactions done over this template are taken care of by Stripe, which happens over the secure SSL connection.

White-Labeled Form

Your order form should speak about you, especially when payment is involved. So on the form, as much as you own your brand. This template lets you white-label it easily. Add your logo and font style, and use your brand colors, images, and videos in just a few clicks. You can also host the form on your customized domain.

Picture-Choice Questions

Add the picture choice question to your form and make it easy for them to pick their favorites. This question type lets you upload pictures from your system by dragging and dropping them. You could also use free images from Unsplash. Or you can use GIFs from Giphy!

Use Cases of this Pick-up Form Template

Explore the versatile applications of our Pick Up Form Template across various industries. From retail stores to healthcare clinics, this efficient solution simplifies order collection and reduces waiting time for customers.

Retail Stores

Enhance the shopping experience by implementing the pick-up form for “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” options. Customers can conveniently browse and purchase products online, selecting the pick-up location. Business owners receive real-time notifications upon form submission, enabling efficient order processing. Customers can collect their orders at their preferred store, reducing shipping time and costs, and fostering brand loyalty.


Streamline takeout orders and improve operational efficiency with this form. Customers can easily place their food orders online and specify the preferred pick-up time. Business owners receive instant notifications of new form submissions, allowing them to prepare orders accordingly. This minimizes waiting time for customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels. The pick-up form simplifies the entire process, creating a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant staff.

Healthcare Clinics

Optimize prescription pick-ups with the pick up form template in healthcare clinics. Patients can conveniently request medication refills online, reducing in-person visits and wait times. Business owners receive real-time notifications when patients fill out the form, enabling prompt prescription processing. The form also facilitates contactless interactions, ensuring the safety of both patients and staff. Enhanced convenience and efficiency lead to improved patient satisfaction and better healthcare service delivery.


Modernize library services with the form, enabling patrons to reserve books online and pick them up at their convenience. Customers can browse the library catalog, select desired titles, and schedule pick-up times via the form. Librarians receive instant notifications upon form submissions, allowing them to organize and prepare orders efficiently. The pick-up form simplifies book lending processes, promotes better time management, and offers a user-friendly experience for library-goers

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