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Photo Upload Form Template

Features of photo upload form template

More Features of Photo Upload Form Template

Let the customers send you photos directly through a photo upload form that gives you an option of managing all the photos at once.

Multilingual Forms

Make the form available in several languages and allow customers to respond in their native tongue. The customers will find the form compatible to fill if they are communicating and understanding it in their own language.

Library of Question Types

Create a picture upload form with a variety of question types in it. Make the form engaging for the customers by giving them an option of uploading multiple photos in a single question type. By adding a rating type of question the studio owners can collect feedback from the customers directly through the form.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the image upload form with your customers via SMS or email with a personalized message, multiple unique weblinks and QR code. You can also share a short URL with your company’s name in it. This feature makes the form more accessible to the customers.

White Labeling

Add the brand logo to the form and make it look truly yours. Through this feature you can create your own custom URL with the name of the company in it. This form for image upload can be customized in your own way with our advanced CSS editor in our builder.

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