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Organizational Alignment Survey Template

This organizational alignment survey helps you to keep track of alignment between your strategic goals and work culture. The survey can be filled by the employees of your organization, or also by an external consultant.

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Features of Organizational Alignment Survey Template

Use Cases: Organizational Alignment Survey Template

Improving Strategy Execution

Organizations can use this survey to evaluate how well employees understand the company’s strategic goals and their role in achieving them by creating a customized form for higher management, where they would be able to update the latest strategies and then pass on the data to the respective departments with clear targets. This way, employees will be updated about the company’s latest goals. These targets can then be reviewed through the same form designed for employees, and their performance can be gauged through customized dashboards.

Aligning with Customer Needs

Product managers can use the survey to understand how well the organization aligns with the needs and expectations of its customers. This would help in ensuring that the organization’s products and services are aligned with market demands. This survey can be sent out to them at regular intervals using the recurring feature in the most innovative and seamless ways. It can be sent out to customers through email or SMS, and it can also be embedded into the company’s website or app as a chatbot.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During times of significant change or restructuring, the survey can be used to keep employees informed and can help assess how well employees are aligning with and adapting to those changes. The information critical for change management strategies can be communicated through question types like message, employee agreement, and compliance, which can be taken instantly through agreement and signature questions. When organizations undergo mergers or acquisitions, the survey can help evaluate alignment between the two entities and identify areas that need to be harmonized to ensure a successful integration.

Evaluating Team Alignment and Identifying Communication Gaps

The survey can be used to assess the alignment of individual teams or departments with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. This can be particularly valuable for large organizations with multiple teams working towards common goals, and it would help maintain harmony between teams. This way, companies can discover any communication gaps within the organization.

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