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Open House Feedback Form Template

Features of this Open House Feedback Form Template

More Features of Open House Feedback Form Template

With SurveySparrow this open house feedback form makes it easy for real estate firms to manage the feedback of different open house events. You can track the negative responses and feedback, create cases and improve your properties.

Display/Skip Logic

Turn on the display feature to filter the questions responses based on the previous criteria. Use the choice-level logic to display questions relevant to the options respondents choose in the previous question, with this logic you can make your  forms more personalized to your audience.

Library of Questions

Using our builder, you add different types of questions to this real estate form. You can use rating types of questions to comprehend the likeliness of the brokers to show the house to the clients. You can gain rich insights about the house from the brokers by using types of questions like picture-based, multiple-choice, etc.

Rybbon Integration

Use Rybbon integration to create a positive and delightful experience for the respondents by sending them rewards directly from the  questionnaire once it is completed. By this feature of rybbon, The respondents will happily participate in the survey and the survey response rate will be drastically increased. This integration will provide an enriching experience to the brokers and distribute coupons or e-gift cards to them at every touch point, motivating them to get more customers for the house.

Case Management

Create cases based on the feedback shared by agents or visitors and take actions immediately. Once the cases are assigned to your team members, they can communicate on the platform and get email notifications.

Multilingual Form

This form for real estate agents or brokers is equipped with a feature of multiple languages. You can translate the feedback form in more than 50 languages and respondents from across the globe can give their feedback.

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