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Meeting Preparation Checklist Template

Features of Meeting Preparation Checklist Template

More Features of Meeting Preparation Checklist Template

Be it a board meeting, a small conference or an internal team meeting, it is important to have the logistics in place. We designed this Meeting Preparation Checklist to ensure a seamless experience for all the attendees. This checklist covers all the required aspects of a meeting. You can also customize it to add more components or remove some – up to you!

Library of Question Types

This checklist comes with a plethora of question types to choose from. Drop down, multiple choice, picture based question, date, contact form, matrix type and many more – simply pick the most appropriate one according to the response you expect from your respondent. You can also add emojis to your questions to make them more interactive.

Embedded Checklist

SurveySparrow comes with the inline embed feature. This feature lets you place the checklist anywhere on your website. Just copy the code snippet and paste it under the tag, it’s that simple! The meticulous back end detailing is taken care of by us.

Go Offline

In case you want to personally meet the concerned person and take the inputs for your checklist, you must face an issue with internet in that case right? Well, we’ve got you covered there. Download our offline application and start taking responses. Later you can sync-in your data online. All of it in just a few clicks!

White-Labeled Checklist

While sharing the checklist with your clients it’s important to have your brand identity in it. We understand it, so this checklist lets you add images, logos, choose your font, customize the colors, or even the URL to own it. You can also customize the CSS according to your needs. You do all the changes in a flick of your finger, the technical bit we’ll take care of.

Slack Integrated

Sharing your checklist is now made easier. We’ve integrated our systems with your daily communication tools like Slack, Ms-Teams. That’s not all, this checklist can also be integrated with other applications like Aweber, Facebook Pixel, Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more!

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