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Marginal costs are important in economics as they help businesses maximize profits. When marginal costs equals marginal revenue, we have what is known as ‘profit maximization’. This is where the cost to produce an additional unit is exactly equal to what the company earns from selling it. In other words, at that point, the company is no longer making money. Not only this. You can also edit this marginal cost calculator and use it for more complex calculations. It is completely customizable!

Numerical Type Questions

This mc calculator survey comes with the latest version of technology, it includes question types which are numerical based. This question type simplifies the calculations by auto generating the results, just by adding numbers to the answer section. This feature helps in reducing the efforts and time by auto-generating the results.

Google Sheet / MS Excel Integration

Toggle this integration and get all marginal cost calculations details in the google or excel sheet. After exporting the data in a sheet, they can sort the entries based on the number of additional units produced on a specific date. They can also use an affiliated sheet for collection of data based on the cost of additional units produced based on the date.

Embed on Webpage

SurveySparrow comes with the inline embed feature. This marginal cost calculator can be embedded on the email or on the website so that it can be easily accessed and the expenses can be calculated immediately after the additional units are produced. All the results can be then exported in an excel/google sheet.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard lets you visualize how to calculate the marginal cost data through different graphs, charts, and widgets. With the help of a dashboard, we can do marginal cost analysis and make strategic decisions to improve business accordingly by following the trends.

Various Integrations

Sharing your data from the mc calculator is now easier. We’ve integrated our systems with your daily communication tools like Slack, Ms-Teams. That’s not all, this marginal cost data can also be shared and integrated with other applications like Aweber, Facebook Pixel, Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more.

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