Why use our Interior Design Client Questionnaire Template?

Get your designs right with our Interior Design Client Questionnaire Template

This interior design client questionnaire template has several features and functionalities to help you achieve the best results possible with the least effort. See what else you can attain with your questionnaire. Say yes to automation and cool features, and do more!

Advanced Question Types

Knowing your client’s style preferences is important to get your designs right. SurveySparrow’s advanced question types are your best bet when diving into your client’s mind and decoding their likes and dislikes. You could choose multiple-choice questions or dropdowns if you want them to choose from different options. Spruce up your interior design client questionnaire by using other question types like matrix, group rank, heat map, contact forms, and more. The more diverse the questions, the better the details!

Multi-Share Options

Reach your client where they spend most of their time. As an interior designer, each client will have different contact method preferences. If someone wishes to receive their interior design questionnaires through SMS or email, give them the flexibility to respond to it through that channel. For more tech-savvy clients, go the QR code way. For the social ones, resort to social media sharing. You can also circulate your questionnaire by sharing URLs. You could also bring all your clients into a portal and serve the questionnaires on that platform. All your wish!


Any interior design questionnaire for clients should allow them to respond from a device of their choice. With SurveySparrow, your clients can access the questionnaires from any device, whether smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers. This device’s compatibility adds to their taste and gives them the best viewing experience, thereby showing them your flexibility. You also get to improve your questionnaires’ response and completion rates by up to 40% by using this feature. 


As they say, first impressions are the best impressions. Your questionnaires should reflect your work. While you lay out all the interior design questions to ask clients, your attention to detail will highly stand out with customizations. Pick a favorite theme from the vast library or create your own from scratch by experimenting with colors. Add videos or images as backgrounds, personalize the questionnaires by including the client’s name, and even pipe their answers to delve deep into their minds. The customization possibilities are many, and your clients will be thrilled to work with you.

Reporting Modules

Once you start getting responses from clients, it is necessary to lay out all the facts, analyze them and identify what styles please them to arrive at the perfect design. Say hello to advanced reporting features. You get access to dashboards that help you slice and dice vast amounts of data easily in a single place. Make use of widgets, word clouds, charts, tables, and more and bring in improved clarity. Compare and correlate data quickly and get the best out of each questionnaire. A few questions asked correctly and beautifully will help you soar to greater heights.

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