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Hotel Guest Questionnaire Template

The hotel guest questionnaire template consists of questions that will help you collect insightful data. It asks questions of booking preferences, travel frequency, etc.  Use this hotel survey template to collect actionable data and target the right customers to grow your hotel business.

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Features of Hotel Guest Questionnaire Template

More features of Hotel Guest Questionnaire Template

This hotel guest questionnaire template is a tool that can be used to collect information and preferences of multiple customers. You can use the conversational feature of SurveySparrow to make the form engaging for the customers such that they fill the form with clarity. With various integrations of SurveySparrow this form can be analyzed and reports cannot be generated.

Google Sheet Integrations

Integrate with Google Sheet to directly collect the responses of every guest visiting the hotel into the google spreadsheet. Once the submit button is clicked the responses of the guest will automatically get stored in the spreadsheet. This stored data can be further used to analyze and generate reports of the responses.

Share with Ease

Share this hotel guest questionnaire with your guests through multiple channels. You can send the survey through SMS, embed in an email, share the survey link through any messaging app, or you can even display QR code at the reception, pamphlets or website. For business at different locations, you can track the responses based on location as well.

Skip/Display Logic

Make your hotel customer questionnaire concise by asking only relevant questions. Skip or display logic feature allows you to skip or display a question based on the previous response. So, based on the responses the survey will ask only those questions which are needed.

Mobile SDK

Embed this hotel survey template in your android or iOS app and stay in touch with your customers. It just takes two lines of code to embed and your job is done.You can embed both classic and chat surveys.

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