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Gap Analysis Questionnaire Template






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Features of Gap Analysis Form Template

More Features of Gap Analysis Questionnaire Template

With features of SurveySparrow, this gap analysis template is transformed from being a data collection tool to an amazing gap analysis tool for project management. Features like case management, question types, executive dashboard, scheduling, and setting reminders will make your work easy.

Case Management

While you collect responses to gap analysis questions, you can assign some high-priority technical issues to your team members right away! The case management feature allows to the creation of tickets and uses this as a technology gap analysis template. Team members can be tagged on the tickets, and they can communicate through a common dashboard.

Library of Question Types

With a number of question types, collect comprehensive data from different perspectives. The library has question types like multiple choice, rating-based, opinion-based, rank-based, matrix type, open-ended, etc. Choose the right question type and get the right information using this template for gap analysis.

Executive Dashboard

With different types of widgets and graphs, you can analyze the data collected from your team. We have bar charts, pie charts, composite charts, and also word clouds for open-ended questions. When you ask solution-based open-ended questions about closing the gaps, word cloud will display the most commonly used words helping you to arrive at solutions quickly.

Schedule Survey

Using our scheduling feature, you can repeat this gap assessment template. Conduct surveys at regular intervals and start a continuous process of gap improvements. Schedule once and then relax! The template will reappear itself at the set time interval. You can also set reminders for those who forget to respond or complete the survey partially.

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