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Facial Intake Form Template

Features of the Facial Intake Form Template

More Features of the Facial Intake Form Template

Multiple Question Types

Enhance your Esthetician Facial Intake Forms with a diverse selection of question types! Whether you need a quick response with our Yes/No questions or want detailed insights using a matrix, we’ve got you covered. You can unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions by tailoring your intake form to match your client’s needs.

Accept Payments

Take your form-filling experience to the next level with SurveySparrow’s online payment forms! Collect payments securely and easily by including the payment question type and setting up a safe and reliable payment gateway through integrations like Stripe that let you collect payments via credit/debit cards. Incentivize responses by offering discounts for orders and managing payments effortlessly. Enter a coupon code and set the discount amount or percentage.

Smart Forms

Supercharge intake forms with smart form features! Use skip/display logic to tailor questions based on previous responses and deliver a highly personalized form-filling experience. Piping lets you seamlessly integrate previous answers into current questions for a more intuitive and streamlined form.


Choose your colors and themes to create Esthetician Facial Intake Forms. You can choose a picture from our large gallery of themes or get creative and make your own. Customize an existing theme and tweak it to your liking.

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