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Customer Cancellation Survey

Features of Customer Cancellation Survey Template

More Features of Customer Cancellation Survey

Use the features of SurveySparrow to track the cancellation requests and also you can take feedback from the customers.

Multiple Question Types

Our builder is equipped with different question types such as multiple type questions, rating type, picture choice question type, open ended question type etc. Collect relevant information in the right format by asking questions the right way. Using multiple choice questions makes it easy for respondents to fill the form.

Conversational UI

Add gifs, emoticons, pictures and short comments to your cancellation survey to make it more enticing to your customers. Set the color palettes, text size, and add a picture or video background to make the survey more appealing.

White Labeling

Adding a brand logo to the form will make you stand out of the crowd in terms of branding. You can customize the customer product cancellation survey using your own themes with the help of the CSS tool. With this feature, you can also customize your email while sharing the survey with the respondents. This feature helps in establishing a trust worthy relation with the customers.

Mobile SDK

Make the form easily accessible to the customers by embedding it on your android or ios app. With Mobile SDK you can trigger the survey in your app by using a few lines of code. Using SurveySparrow reporting module you can analyze all the survey responses hassle-free.

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