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Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Why use our cost benefit analysis template?

More Features of Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Organizations frequently do cost benefit analysis to assess the feasibility of a project. It is an analysis of the foreseeable balance of benefits and costs. But, handling it every time there’s a new project can be challenging. So we’ve designed this free cost-benefit analysis template to assist you with the determination of the same with ease. This template comes with N numbers of features to benefit your business. Some of the features are listed below:

Recurring Template

A cba template is required to be conducted very frequently. And it becomes really difficult to create the template over and over again. But our template gives you the freedom from this monotonous task. Design the template once, set the time of recurrence and relax. The template will automatically carry out itself at the set intervals.

Google Sheet Management

This template can easily be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets enabling you to create a cost-benefit analysis excel sheet for keeping a track on your performance record. This excel sheet can be created based on yearly CBA details and used to plot the graph from the collected data of the responses.

Slack Integration

Expedite the process of collecting data. Integrate your CBA template with your daily communication tools like Slack and Ms-Teams, Zendesk, Intercom, and many more. And, it’s super easy to get it integrated. All you have to do is to click a button, that’s it!

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard allows you to view the entire data in one glance. You can also pull out data from previous cost benefit analysis worksheets to compare results. Monitor and analyze critical business metrics for a certain time-period. You can also build multiple dashboards from one template for a detailed analysis.

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