Features of our Continuous Improvement Form Template

Improve response rates and processes easily with our Continuous Improvement Form Template

With this continuous improvement form template, improving your processes and business metrics will be a piece of cake now that you can easily get more responses and analyze them effortlessly – all in a single platform. Collaborate easily and plan better and smartly by combining the power of surveys, omnichannel sharing, and reporting.

Advanced Question Types

If only collecting feedback was as easy as mingling with your favorite teammate! We have that sorted for you with our wide range of question types, best suited for your surveying needs. This continuous improvement form comes with question types right, from simple yes or no questions to the complicated signature type question. Find out every intricate detail of the improvement suggested by your employee using text questions. Make it easier for them by enabling voice transcription. Do more and analyze responses on the spot by using sentiment analysis. Request them to pick out the right choice from a list using multiple-choice or drop-down questions. You can even add creativity and use picture choice questions. Use opinion scales or rating scales to gauge urgency. Collect their details using contact forms and finish it in style with a signature question.

Customizable Forms

So now you add all the relevant questions and form fields. Customization is left to you before sharing or distributing these forms. Want to know the many ways in which you can customize your forms? Read on! Make your forms personalized by using logics, variables, and more. You can add themes by picking out your favorite theme from the huge list or even create a theme from scratch by mixing and matching colors. Code your forms to perfection by using CSS customizations. You can also add images or videos as backgrounds if required. And the icing on the cake? White-labeling. Truly own your forms and nurture employee trust by using your logo, fonts, and colors and by hosting the form on your custom domain. We have a process improvement template at the top of this page that’ll help you understand how to customize your forms creatively and smartly.

Multiple Share Options

Process improvement forms are extremely crucial as far as every business is concerned. Ensuring that the form reaches the maximum number of employees is therefore important. Thanks to omnichannel sharing, you get to achieve this easy-peasy. You can categorize your stakeholders or employees into different lists and share forms through several channels like SMS, email, and more. You can also have all your employees in a single portal and share it with them effortlessly. You could also embed it on your HRM websites or the website and domain of your choice. You can also place a QR code inside meeting rooms, the cafeteria, or the lobby and get them to scan the code and give feedback. You can even collect feedback offline through kiosks in remote areas with less connectivity.

Automated Reminders

A world without reminders is fairly hard to digest. Who would remind us of birthdays, anniversaries, and, most importantly, work events? While filling out work forms may not be an employee’s top priority, it is of utmost importance to the business that employees give feedback occasionally. Say hello to automations which lets you send out personal email reminders to employees asking them to fill out their forms or complete their responses. You can also use the recurring surveys feature to send out these forms regularly. You can even allow them to edit & resubmit the responses if required. Employees can also be given a copy of their responses to track what they’ve suggested over the years.

Powerful Insights

What good are these forms if you cannot derive actionable insights from them? Say hello to advanced reporting and analysis modules by SurveySparrow, which lets you generate rich and customizable reports easily. With our Executive Dashboard, you can slice and data even large amounts of data easily and generate custom dashboards by adding the widgets of your choice. Use journey charts to compare and correlate your business’ progress. You can also compare the responses of a single employee or a team within a fixed time frame to know how far along you’ve come on the improvement side. Add the filters of your choice, generate as many reports as you want, and empower your analysis process. You can also export these reports in both PDF and SPSS formats.

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