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Conflict Resolution Questionnaire Template

This conflict resolution questionnaire will help you to know if your customers are satisfied with the solutions offered by the customer support team to resolve their conflicts. Based on the feedback you can redesign the resolution strategies and use them to exceed customer expectations.

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Features of Conflict Resolution Questionnaire Template

More Features of Conflict Resolution Questionnaire Template

Resolution of a conflict is connected to emotions of your customers. Rather than asking straight forward questions, interact with them using this beautiful conflict resolution questionnaire. Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that will help you get better responses.

Gain Rich Insights

The real-time reporting feature ensures that responses are saved immediately after the submit button is hit, which prevents any delays or mismatches in data. The cross tabulation feature allows you to compare responses, and the advanced reports filter lets you sort the reports based on questions, answers, respondent details, etc.

Executive Dashboards

Use this Conflict Resolution Survey Template to tie all of your information together in one place. Easily combine data from numerous research across a few clicks using the provided template. You may also create several dashboards based on a survey to get a deeper level of understanding.

Audience Management

With our easy-to-use export feature, you can share your conflict resolution survey questions with various contacts lists from sources like Salesforce, Google Contacts, Hubspot and Intercom. You can also create custom audience lists based on criteria.

Survey Themes

Choose from a selection of themes or design your own. Add your picture and alter the background pixel, font, and appearance to make it seem like yours! You may also personalize the style and CSS in a few simple steps.

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