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Conference Room Request Form Template

Why use our Conference Room Request Form Template?

Manage multiple requests easily with this Conference Room Request Form Template

Are you impressed by the features of this conference room request form? Here’s more to help you get organized and avoid overlapping. More power to intelligent work!

White-labeled forms

Truly adhere to your brand standards with end-to-end white labeling. From custom domains to favicons, fonts, colour palettes and custom email, retain your brand identity in every possible way. Enjoy the added advantage of ensuring that your respondents feel comfortable while sharing personal details. Nurture trust and flaunt professionalism with every conference room sign up sheet you send.

Accept Documents

Easily collect any required document by eliminating the need for any hard copies. Request anything from government identity cards or employee IDs or even event brochures from the respondents by letting them either capture a photo of the document or upload a file from their device: front or back cam, laptop or mobile, all your respondent’s choice. Click, submit and book hassle-free!

Slack & MS Teams Integrations

Fuse your conference room sign up sheets with applications such as Slack and MS Teams. With Slack integration, you can share surveys to users or channels. You can then track them back to your SurveySparrow account and view generated reports instantly. The Microsoft Teams integration with SurveySparrow lets you create and share surveys, track responses and view them in real-time. Using both integrations, you can also send responses and notify users upon new submissions.

Mobile/Device Compatible

Let no device stand in the way of helping employees reserve conference rooms. With multi-device compatibility, you give respondents the flexibility to access surveys from laptops, personal computers, tablets or mobile devices. Get a preview by clicking on the full-screen icon on the conference room booking template and see how your survey fits every device perfectly.

Customized Themes

Make the most of this conference room reservation template with tailor-made themes. Add life to your surveys by choosing from the vast collection of themes or mixing up colours and designing one of your own. Customize your form’s background, buttons, color palette and font easily. And there’s more! With CSS customization, you can perfectly style your conference room sign-up sheets.

Audience Management

Create multiple lists to categorize room requestors into different categories – company, department, team and what not. Share surveys to selected lists and avoid confusions. While thinking about it, grab the opportunity to add contacts effortlessly through CSV imports. Manage survey access by creating different folders and teams inside your account. Add multiple-sub accounts to make your life even more easier. Do more easily!

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