Features of the Client Consent Form Template

More features of the Client Consent Form Template

White Labelling

Establish unparalleled trust with your clients as a healthcare provider by leveraging the power of complete, end-to-end white-labeled forms. Personalize forms with your logo, fonts, and colors. Enhance credibility with custom favicons and host forms on your own domain. With this level of customization, you can create a seamless user experience and solidify your reputation as a trusted healthcare provider. Take control and make a lasting impression with the power of white labeling.

Secure Forms

Ensure the utmost security and privacy of patients’ information with SSL encryption when they fill out Client Consent Forms. With every submission, their data remains protected from unauthorized access, providing peace of mind to you and your patients. Safeguard your custom domain URL with the industry-standard ‘https’ protocol, reinforced by custom SSL, to fortify the security of sensitive information and maintain a secure environment for all form submissions.

Device Friendly

Clients can complete the Client Consent Form anywhere on any device. Whether they’re on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, the platform automatically adjusts to their screen size for a seamless user experience. And with offline mode, you can even collect signatures without an internet connection. Ensure legal compliance and consent with a device-friendly solution that fits into your clients’ busy lives.


Make your Client Consent Form truly your own with SurveySparrow’s customizable options. Tailor the form by selecting various templates, themes, pictures, and color options. Additionally, simplify the consent process by offering multiple signature options. Patients can sign using their finger or stylus or even upload a digital signature. Customize every aspect of the form to enhance patient engagement and ensure a seamless consent-gathering experience.

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