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Board Evaluation Questionnaire Template

This board evaluation questionnaire template is not only an exhaustive set of thoughtful questions put together but, designed with board of directors survey questions to compel the members to give honest answers. Board meetings can prove transformational with a smooth feedback process.

Use This Template

Why use this Board Evaluation Questionnaire Template?


Use Cases: Board Evaluation Questionnaire Template


Annual Board Self-Assessment

This use case involves administering the questionnaire annually to board members to assess their own performance as a board. The questionnaire would typically cover a wide range of areas, including board meetings, communication, strategic planning, individual contributions, and governance adherence. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses and create action plans for improvement in the coming year.

New Board Member Onboarding

When a new board member joins, they can be given a questionnaire to gather their initial impressions, expectations, and insights. This helps the organization understand how well the onboarding process is working and whether new members have the information and resources they need to effectively contribute to the board’s work. After onboarding, it can be tweaked to evaluate the composition of the board, including skills, diversity, and representation. Organizations can identify areas where they need to improve diversity and areas where specific expertise may be lacking.

Governance, Compliance Assessment and Strategic Alignment

The template can help in ensuring that the board is adhering to governance principles and legal requirements. The questionnaire can include questions about ethical conduct, conflicts of interest, compliance with relevant regulations, and alignment with the organization’s bylaws. The questionnaire can also be used to assess the extent to which the board’s activities align with the organization’s strategic goals and mission. It helps ensure that the board is providing strategic guidance, oversight, and support effectively and that the organization is on track to achieve its objectives.

Board Meeting Effectiveness

The efficiency and effectiveness of board meetings can be assessed using the template. Questions can use rating scale questions or slider-type questions to measure various parameters like the quality of meeting agendas, the allocation of time to important topics, the facilitation of discussions, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Board Leadership and Succession Planning

The questionnaire can be used to evaluate the performance of the board chairperson, vice chair, or other leadership roles within the board. It helps ensure that board leadership is effective in guiding the board’s work and maintaining a positive board culture. It can also be used to assess the board’s readiness for succession planning and leadership transitions. It may include questions about identifying potential successors for key leadership roles, such as the board chair or committee chair.


FAQs on Board Evaluation


Why is board evaluation important for an organization?

Board evaluation is crucial because it helps organizations assess the effectiveness of their governance structure, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that the board is fulfilling its duties to the best of its ability. It enhances accountability, transparency, and overall organizational performance.


What is the purpose of a board evaluation questionnaire?

A board evaluation questionnaire serves as a structured tool to gather feedback from board members, enabling the board to assess its own performance, strengths, and weaknesses. It helps in making informed decisions for improvement.


Who typically conducts a board evaluation?

Board evaluations are often conducted by an external facilitator or an internal governance committee. The choice depends on the organization’s preferences and resources. External facilitators can provide an impartial perspective, while internal committees may have in-depth knowledge of the organization.


How often should a board evaluation be conducted?

Board evaluations are commonly conducted annually to ensure that the board’s performance is regularly assessed and improved. However, the frequency can vary depending on the organization’s needs and objectives.


What is the role of individual board members in the evaluation process?

Individual board members play a vital role in the evaluation process by providing honest and constructive feedback. They should actively participate in self-assessments, share their perspectives, and collaborate in setting improvement goals.


What happens after a board evaluation is completed?

After a board evaluation, the results are analyzed, and action plans are developed to address areas of improvement. These action plans should be implemented, and progress should be monitored over time.


Can board evaluation results be used in board member reappointment or removal decisions?

While board evaluation results can inform decisions regarding board member reappointment or removal, they should not be the sole basis for such decisions. Other factors, including individual performance and qualifications, should also be considered.


How can an organization ensure that a board evaluation is unbiased and objective?

To maintain objectivity, organizations can consider using an external facilitator to conduct the evaluation. Additionally, the questionnaire and process should be designed to encourage open and honest feedback without fear of reprisal.


What are some best practices for creating an effective board evaluation questionnaire?

Best practices include tailoring the questions to the organization’s specific goals, keeping the questionnaire concise, asking both qualitative and quantitative questions, and ensuring a mix of self-assessment and peer-assessment questions.


What should an organization do if the board evaluation reveals significant issues or deficiencies?

If significant issues are identified, the organization should take prompt action to address them. This may involve implementing corrective measures, seeking external assistance, or making changes to board leadership or composition.

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