Enhance Revenue, the SurveySparrow way

Partnership programs best designed for speedy customer acquisition, recurring revenue, and accelerated growth!

Enhance Revenue, the SurveySparrow way

Hand-picked strategic partner models to choose from

Reseller Partner

Reseller Partner

Discover new sales opportunities, expand customer reach, and go global with tailored expert insights. Our Reseller Partnership program enhances your go-to-market strategy by connecting you with a vibrant community and also enables shared revenue benefits.

Become a partner

Become a partner
Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Partner

Establish your brand with exclusive access to our content. Seamlessly tap into your target markets without the burden of outreach costs. Join forces as our esteemed Affiliate Partner and effortlessly channel high-quality leads into your sales funnel in no time.

Get Started

Get Started
Organizational Development Partner

Organizational Development Partner

Unleash organizational development excellence with your expertise seamlessly integrated with our 360° employee experience management solutions. Partner with us to drive your revenue growth and foster collaborative success.

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Why partner with SurveySparrow

Grow your business with a winning product
Explore new growth levers as you bundle up superior feedback solutions to resolve pain points. Prioritize customer satisfaction by closing the loop effortlessly.
Revamp training with best guidance
Listen in as our star closers transfer their sales & pre-sales insights to your team. Get your hands on the best practices & techniques across the industry.
Ramp up operations with recurring revenue
Earn the best in class SaaS revenue share on joint deals, for a lifetime. SurveySparrow’s Partnership program helps you build a sustained compounding MRR pool.
Partner directory for highter visibility
Share the limelight as you get listed on our website. We channel a potential 100,000+ customer lot across 149+ countries to your website traffic.
Cooperative partnerships to sway markets
Expand your reach by offering integrated solutions. Tap into co-marketing & co-selling opportunities with us to generate fine leads and drive high revenue.
Right resources to aid growth
Gain a competitive advantage with Marketing Development Funds. We believe in optimizing the strengths of our top-tier partners to achieve collective growth.
Ideal opportunities for value addition
Create a new stream of revenue by exploring upselling opportunities. Our open API and white-labelling solutions help you build customer loyalty.

How much can you earn?

Average Deal Size per Customer


Revenue Share (%)


Number of Deals Closed per Month

Partnership Period (Years)

You Earn

Partner Webinars

Discover industry insights and learn best practices across customer, employee, and product experience from influencers, thought leaders, and domain experts around the globe. Plug into our partner webinar series now.

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What Our Partners are Saying


Simply fill up the form here, and we’ll guide you from there.
We suggest you become our Reseller Partner if you're looking to become our trusted representative in your territory and community.
You could be our Referral Partner if you’re looking to put us in touch with the customer(s) and let us take the deal forward.
You could be our Affiliate if you'd like to use your social presence, community, or influence to boost us.
There is no cost involved in becoming our partner as of today. As long as we see a fit in our business models, we will be able to work together. What we require from you is the commitment to help customers and to work together.
Your commission percentage depends on the partner tier you are on.
We will be signing an agreement with terms that both parties are comfortable with, which would result in mutual growth and revenue.
SurveySparrow Partnership Program includes referral, reseller, and affiliate partner models.

Partnership, a call away!

Join our Partner Program and build a steady revenue stream for your business.

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