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Best Online Form Builder: Overview

A web form is the online, HTML version of any fill-up paper form you use. It allows users to enter any information and acts as data collection points in a website. A web form can fulfill multiple roles- collecting contact information from users or payment details for a purchase, getting quick customer feedback, capturing lead information from potential customers that enter your website and so on. With the aid of a web designer and developer, you can design and create web forms of your choice or complementing your brand’s style.

But what if you could do it all by yourself? You can eliminate a third person from the process of creating a web form by employing an online form builder. Right from creating forms, styling it, embedding it in websites, sharing your feedback forms, and analyzing the data collected, the best online form builder does all the work for you.

Why use the Best Online Form Builder

The question of why you must possess the best online form builder for your business can be elucidated easily.

Do it Yourself

Nop, it isn’t a Youtube hack; we are talking about the things you can by yourself using the best online form builder. Be it designing, creating, sharing, or analyzing web forms, the best online form builder stands by your side to have a successful and hassle-free endeavor.

Promote Your Brand

You can count an additional way of promoting your brand apart from the marketing activities that you do. Rather than creating a plain web form, the best online form builder helps you build one that reflects your brand persona naturally and vibrantly. Be it your brand logo, font style, or color palette; the reins are in your hands.

Increases Conversion Rates

Embedding an intuitive web form in your website is an efficient way of capturing leads and their information. Say a user has landed on your site. A well-placed, visually appealing web form can quickly catch their attention and you have a lead in hand once they enter their info in your web form and hit the button! Spike up your conversion rates by grabbing every lead that comes your way by using the best online form builder.

Light on Your Purse

The only investment you would need is purchasing the best online form builder. You needn’t be a design genius or coding ninja, or needn’t hire them either! The best online form builder does all the work for you in absolutely no time.

Top-notch Features of the Best Online Form Builder

There are plenty of online form builders in the market, but here are some features that make a form builder stand out from the rest of them. Look out for these features in your best online form builder:

Best Online Form Builder Feature #1: Eye-grabbing Interface.
Eye-grabbing Interface

What strikes the eye first and captures the attention of the user is the interface the online form builder provides. A sleek interface directly translates into higher response rates for your web forms. Thus it is imperative that you round-in on the best online form builder which provides a stunning interface and the flexibility to design your web forms.

Best Online Form Builder Feature #2: Assorted Question Types.
Assorted Question Types

When you are aiming to collect some feedback especially, what you ask and the way you ask is very important. The best online form builder has diverse question types, from simple ones like star rating or MCQ type to complex ones like matrix type or drag & drop type. Don’t stick to the typical, rigid Yes/No questions; explore and include various types!

Best Online Form Builder Feature #3: Sharing Options.
Sharing Options

Collecting feedback and user information is never a simple task. Thus, you must keep in mind to look out for an online form builder that supports multiple sharing options. Be it email surveys, web links, social media, the best online form builder supports it all. Furthermore, the best online form builder helps you embed your forms in websites as well.

Best Online Form Builder Feature #4: Reports & Analysis.
Reports & Analysis

The best online form builder takes all the work off your plate. Be it data gathered or feedback collected, the online form builder furnishes out well laid out reports and analysis which you can use to gather crucial information about your business. Work on the insights to make effective strategies that can steer the direction of your company towards prosperity. Having a robust reporting module also helps you in research works like academic studies and market research.

SurveySparrow: The Best Online Form Builder

Now you know the significance of having not just a good form builder but the best online form builder in your hands. Spend a minute more to find out why SurveySparrow is the best online form builder you were always on the lookout for.

Dual UI Builder

Yes, that’s right. SurveySparrow offers not just one but two interfaces- chat-like surveys and conversational forms. The latter supports additional complex question types like matrix type, drag & drop, rank order and more! Go conversational using online surveys with the best online form builder.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow offers distinct question types like star rating, opinion scale, image choice type question, matrix type, rank order, the list goes on and on. Admittedly, this makes it not just a good but the best online form builder.

Embedded Forms

With SurveySparrow, you can embed your web forms anywhere on your website. In this manner, you can collect crucial feedback from your website visitors. Tap the prime things out of SurveySparrow’s best online form builder.

Rich Dashboard

SurveySparrow comes with a robust reporting system that can provide you with invaluable insights and data laid out neat and tidy. Why worry when the best online form builder does it all for you!

Templates Collection

Are you fumbling with the questions that must go into your feedback form? Let the frown leave your face because SurveySparrow’s best online form builder comes with a massive repository of the most sought-after templates, across various domains that can kick-start your feedback form in no time!

You don’t have to be a Design Jedi or Coding Samurai to crack web forms. Get the best online form builder, and you can be both! Get your business on the path to growth, expansion, and prosperity.

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