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Set clear objectives & expectations for data collection process

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Gather data efficiently by sharing surveys across various channels

Analyze the data and gain in-depth understanding using data collection platform.

Draw invaluable conclusions & identify blind-spots from the data

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Plan and take the right measures based on the data insights

Do You Need Data Collection Platform

In today’s fast-paced world, the competition faced by any business, be it across any industry or domain, is fierce. A new business sprouts every day, and it is crucial than ever to stay at the top of the game. However, how is it that companies can do this? What helps them make better-informed decisions to drive their business towards success?


It is through data collection that a company gets all the information they need to make better business decisions. Research, study, and analysis make it possible to gather new perspectives that have every potential to course business in the right direction. Without data, taking steps would be like throwing darts in the dark. Make better choices, stay up-to-date with trends, uncover recurring patterns, and get answers to all your questions using data collection platform.

7 Reasons Why Data Collection Platform Is Crucial For Business

Here are seven reasons why a data collection platform is a real game-changer for your business:

Understand Market

If you are planning to release a new product or improve an existing one, the best way to go about this is through studying the market. This process is called market research. With market research, you identify the trending aspects of the current target market, its customers, their changing requirements, recurring patterns, and more. When you know what’s expected of your product, it is easier to deliver it. A data collection platform helps you collect all the data you need about your target matter.

Understand Customers

Merely making a product and giving it to your customers is not enough. Making one or improving one that meets their needs and expectations is essential. For this purpose, you must know the pulse of customers. Data collection platform helps you gather crucial customer data so that you can understand their expectations and serve them better.

Benchmark With Industry Standards

With a data collection platform, it is simple to analyze anything and everything related to a business. Various metrics gauge the success of a business. With data collection, it makes it possible to benchmark these metrics against industry standards to collectively find out where a company stands in the industry.

Better Decision-Making

When you have crucial data in hand, making the right decisions is a cakewalk. With data collection platform, it is possible to identify and isolate the pain-points of your business and take the necessary steps for rectification. A weak feature, a bad customer experience, an unanswered customer query… find instant solutions to all of these with the power of data collection.

Cost-Saving & Revenue Generation

When does a business incur a loss? Predominantly when it makes poor decisions or the wrong investment. Both of these scenarios can be avoided had there been data pointing the company in the right direction. With a data collection platform, it is possible to take the right decisions that lead to saving-cost, avoiding losses, and making the right investments. When you deliver what your customers expect, your business grows as revenue soars.

Business Expansion

With data collection, it is possible to identify new opportunities and the scope for expanding your business. A data collection platform helps you understand the right time, and the right target market to plant the fresh root of your business. Expand the boundaries of your business territories at the correct time, at the proper place with data collection.

Industry Knowledge

A business must always be prepared for surprises which the industry throws at it. With competition fiercer than ever, companies must have the upper-hand to forecast and change in vibe and immediately adapt to those changes to flourish. With data collection platform, it is possible to gain knowledge about the industry and take the necessary steps during a radical change.

Need a Data Collection Platform? 5 Things to Consider

A data collection platform is a must-have for any business. So while you are rounding in on the platform, here are five things to consider.

Opt for a data collection platform that has an elegant interface to boast of.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Captivating Interface

The data collection platform you opt for must have a sleek interface to boast of. The process of collecting data is not simple. Respondents have a natural hesitance towards taking questionnaires and possessing a data collection platform with a dull interface will further add to your woes. When the platform lets you create engaging online surveys, you can be pleasantly surprised seeing the survey completion numbers. Go conversational, right away!

Collect data using different channels offered by data collection platforms.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Options

Yet another way of spiking your response rates is by ensuring the surveys you send enjoys maximum reach and visibility. Sharing surveys via multiple channels like email surveys, web links, social media, embedded share, SMS option, etc., will enable your respondents to take the survey through any channel that’s most convenient to them. When respondents have the freedom to choose their channel, see the responses pouring in.

Sort your audience better based on different categories using the audience management feature.
Segment your audience into various groups for ease & clarity
Audience Management

Imagine having a cluttered and confusing list of all your respondents. It is more than natural to get confused and send the wrong survey to the wrong person or even miss certain people. To avoid this, the data collection platform you choose must have the audience management feature. This feature helps you segment your audience into various categories based on different criteria which helps in easy sorting and better clarity.

Dig deep into the data collected using reporting system of the data collection platform.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Reporting Module

The whole purpose of sending a survey is to gain data about the business- discover what’s improper and find the ways to tackle various issues! This is possible by refining the raw data you collect into polished information which can catalyze an improved decision-making process. Thus, ensure the data collection platform you pick comes with a sharp analysis module that captures data in real-time, processes it into useful information, and help you gather valuable insights.

Integrate your data collection platform with third-party applications effortlessly.
Third Party Integrations to create seamless workflow
Third-party Integration

Getting a lot of raw data in hand is insufficient. The first step is to convert it into useful information and then take the necessary action needed for improvement. For this, a host of third-party applications that join hands to work together is very beneficial. Therefore, your data collection platform must come with the feature to integrate with different applications. Transfer information from one application to another and take action needed.

SurveySparrow As Your Data Collection Platform

Read on to find out how SurveySparrow’s data collection platform tops the list of your ‘best-investment,’ any fine day!

Dual UI Tool

SurveySparrow comes with not just one but dual interfaces to choose from- chat-like surveys & conversational forms. The data collection platform has an interface that spells ‘sleek’ in bold. Switch between the two interfaces with a simple swipe and decide the end user-view for your questionnaires.

Advanced Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s data collection platform is decked with a smart dashboard that produces the best survey insights which you can use for your business. The data collection tool puts forth information in a well-structured style that aid you to get a 360-degree view.

Sharing Surveys

With SurveySparrow’s data collection platform, leave the worry of low completion rates out of the window. With diverse share options like email surveys, web links, social media, SMS share, embed option, and so on, let your respondents pick any channel of their choice.

Offline Survey App

A wavering internet connection is putting your data collection process in peril? There is an answer to that as well. With the offline survey app, you can collect data even in the absence of the internet. When a connection is established, it is loaded into the cloud database.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow offers distinct question types like star rating, opinion scale, image choice type question, matrix type, rank order, the list goes on and on. Admittedly, this makes it not just a good but the best online form builder.

Recurring Surveys

For a business to operate efficiently, time & resources must be optimized. However, if you are expending resources on doing a routine manual task that can be automated, this is not happening. SurveySparrow’s data collection platform offers the recurring survey feature that helps you to send automated pulse surveys periodically. Set the survey configurations, and you are good to go!

Templates Repository

SurveySparrow’s data collection platform comes with a rich collection of the most popular templates that are created after detailed research by our experts. Be it market research, customer feedback, or post-event feedback, and we’ve it all. Get started with your very first survey in a moment!

Data is gold, and a powerful data collection tool is a goldmine.

Make sure your organization is moving in the precise direction using the best data collection software!

Happy Data Collection!

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