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NexaLearning has a global presence, serving clients across various industries and geographies. They design and deliver innovative corporate training programs, specializing in leadership development. From in-person classrooms to e-learning modules, and virtual classrooms, NexaLearning uses technology to make learning more accessible and effective.

NexaLearning has been recognized for its excellence in learning and development. The company has received several awards and accolades for its innovative approach and contribution to the field of learning.

How we hit the mark

  • Comprehensive insights
  • Anonymous feedback collection
  • Customized reports
"We totally love it! The ability to easily customize the questions to fit our specific training programs has been invaluable. Our coaches now find the reports incredibly user-friendly, allowing them to deliver more impactful feedback to participants.”

Kathie Dorus

Operations Manager, NexaLearning


NexaLearning identified the need for an efficient and customizable way to deliver 360 feedback for their leadership training programs. With a rapidly growing client base
and diverse course offerings, they realized the importance of capturing and leveraging feedback effectively.

Their goal was to provide a seamless feedback experience for both coaches and participants. Using the insights collected, they aimed to enhance client satisfaction, improve course effectiveness, and maintain their reputation as a leading training institute.


NexaLearning recognized the transformative power of 360-degree feedback in leadership development programs. However, their previous tool was being changed to where it would not work with what they needed any more. So, they started looking for a tool that would work for their clients and would also help to simplify the time involved in administering it.


After doing thorough research, NexaLearning decided to go with SurveySparrow as their top choice. They found it super easy to create 360-degree feedback surveys that seamlessly fit into their existing training programs. The best part was that SurveySparrow’s 360 Assessments had an intuitive interface and robust customization features, which made the whole process a breeze and super efficient.

The ability to tailor questions for different clients, customize the cover page on reports, and provide a personalized experience enables NexaLearning to gather reliable data. Moreover, they no longer needed to manually upload all participants, as SurveySparrow allows for bulk contact uploads.


Response Management

Enhanced client satisfaction and engagement

Response rate

Improved course effectiveness and relevance

Business Intelligence

Streamlined feedback collection and analysis process

The ability to customize feedback surveys has led to more relevant and actionable insights for participants. Additionally, the comprehensive reports empowered the coaches to deliver impactful feedback sessions, fostering deeper leadership development and growth.


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