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90+ Course Evaluation Survey Questions to Ask + Free Template


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30 May 2024

5 min read

Course evaluation surveys are an effective way to improve the quality of your course. The right course evaluation survey questions will help you deliver courses that are engaging and interactive.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best course survey questions to ask in 2024.

Here are 5 types of course evaluation questions we’ll cover in this article:

But, before that…

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For everyone else here to check out the questions, here’s everything you need.

The Best Course Evaluation Survey Questions to Ask Your Students

Here are the best course evaluation survey questions you can include in your course questionnaire:

#1. Instructor-specific questions: Methods and Strategies

Here’s the list of the best instructor-specific questions:

  1. The instructor was well-prepared for class
  2. My instructor presented the skills to be learned
  3. The instructor was responsive when students needed assistance or had questions
  4. My instructor presented the concepts clearly
  5. The instructor used teaching methods that made me learn effectively
  6. My instructor used class time effectively
  7. The instructor encouraged student participation in class
  8. My instructor communicated clearly and was easy to understand
  9. The instructor’s teaching methods were effective
  10. The instructor effectively organized learning activities
  11. Individual class meetings were well-prepared
  12. The instructor effectively illustrated course concepts
  13. The instructor guided understanding of course exercises
  14. My instructor stimulated my interest in the subject topic
  15. The instructor provided feedback promptly
  16. The instructor provided helpful feedback
  17. I could get help from the instructor when I needed it
  18. The instructor was available to students
  19. I feel comfortable speaking with the instructor
  20. The instructor cared about the student’s progress
  21. My instructor encouraged questions from students

5 types of course evaluation survey questions

#2. Instructor-specific questions: Clarity and Engagement

  1. The instructor engaged the class in productive and meaningful discussions
  2. My instructor was available outside the scheduled class time for additional help
  3. The instructor created a productive learning environment
  4. My instructor helped me define the scope and objectives of the project
  5. The instructor treated students with dignity and respect
  6. My instructor provided the resources I needed to successfully complete the course
  7. The instructor was helpful when I had a hard time performing certain tasks
  8. My instructor was helpful to me individually (via one-on-one meetings and email exchanges)
  9. The instructor provided opportunities for class participation
  10. My instructor returned assignments and exams promptly
  11. The instructor was readily available whenever I needed assistance
  12. The online course platform was accessible and accurate
  13. I got the feedback on assignments and grades promptly
  14. The course’s grading policies were followed consistently
  15. I received actionable feedback that I could put into practice
  16. I received constructive feedback on my assignments
  17. The instructor’s feedback helped me better understand the course material
  18. I received feedback in a timely manner
  19. The course’s grading system was clear to me
  20. I received useful feedback from the instructor
  21. Student progress and learning were fairly assessed
  22. The course environment allowed me to express my ideas and opinions freely
  23. The standards of performance for the course were communicated

#3. Course-specific questions

Here’s the list of the best course-specific questions:

  1. The learning outcomes were clearly stated in the course syllabus
  2. The course presented topics (or covered the skills) in a clear manner
  3. I believe the topics covered in this course are important
  4. Learning expectations were clearly stated in the course
  5. The course was organized in a way that helped me understand better
  6. This course provided a good balance of theory and practice
  7. The course followed the syllabus
  8. The course lecture and assignments complemented each other
  9. This course offered clear instructions and explanations
  10. The course provided learning materials that improve my understanding and increased knowledge
  11. Course assignments were helpful to a better understanding of the subject
  12. The course assignments were reflective of the course content and syllabus
  13. Course assignments accurately assessed what I’ve learned so far
  14. The resources and readings were valuable and appropriate to the goal of this course
  15. The exams accurately measured the knowledge I gained from this course
  16. The course requirements and workload were appropriate for the course level

course evaluation surveys

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#4. Student-specific questions

Here’s the list of the best student-specific questions:

  1. The course challenged me to think deeply about the subject matter
  2. This course helped me improve my ability to interact with diverse groups of people
  3. The course motivated me to take full responsibility for my learning
  4. I attend classes regularly
  5. The course helped me how to become a competent professional
  6. This course encouraged me to ask my questions and seek answers
  7. The course improved my communication and presentation skills
  8. I was well prepared for this course
  9. The course helped me improve my critical thinking skills
  10. The course helped me improve my writing skills
  11. I’ve put a great deal of effort into advancing my knowledge and understanding
  12. The course helped me put theory into practice
  13. The course improved my problem-solving skills
  14. This course helped increase my interest in the subject matter
  15. The course gave me the confidence to explore more advanced topics
  16. This course helped me {SCO} (specific course learning outcomes)
  17. This course improved my {SCO}

#5. Overall evaluation questions

Here’s the list of the general evaluation questions:

  1. I would highly recommend this course to other students
  2. I would highly recommend this instructor to other students
  3. This course was a useful step in getting my degree
  4. This course had a high educational value and impact
  5. Overall, this instructor met my expectations
  6. This course was challenging
  7. This course made me think deeply about the subject matter

#6. Qualitative, open-ended questions

Here’s the list of the best open-ended questions:

  1. Why did you pick this course?
  2. Which reading materials were the most useful (and the least useful) to you?
  3. Please identify the key areas to improve
  4. Do you have any other recommendations for improving the course?
  5. What parts of the course aided your learning the most?
  6. What parts of the course were obstacles to your learning?
  7. Are you as interested in the course as you were at the beginning?

Final thoughts

Post-training evaluation surveys help you gain insights into your course’s quality and your students’ overall experience. When done right, they will help you improve your course. Also, include course evaluation survey questions to help you improve specific parts of your course. We hope this article will help you create an effective course evaluation questionnaire.

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