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Intercom integration with SurveySparrow lets you simplify your tasks and workflows, from sending personalized surveys to customers after resolving a query to adding new users in the customer list.

Intercom Survey Integration: Use Cases

Trigger NPS through Intercom Chat and Capture Customer Loyalty

Build your NPS with follow-up questions

Customize NPS with the follow-up questions to gain more insights about customer loyalty. Navigate to Configure → Integrations, and enable the Intercom toggle to authenticate SurveySparrow with your Intercom account.

Capture customer loyalty by triggering your NPS

Install SurveySparrow app from the Intercom app store. Trigger the NPS in your Intercom chat and capture the customer loyalty without moving an inch from your Intercom account.

Reflect captured NPS score in the Customer Profile

Reflect captured NPS score in customer profile

Click on the app to send the NPS during your conversation with the customer. Once the customer responds to the NPS, the score is reflected in the customer profile. You can also view and analyse your NPS results in the SurveySparrow account.

Import and Synchronize Intercom Contacts to your SurveySparrow account

Import and Synchronize Intercom Contacts to SurveySparrow

Import Intercom contacts to your SurveySparrow account, effortlessly. You can update your contacts list on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by enabling the recurring import toggle.

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