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Insightly is a Customer Relationship Management platform that helps small and medium businesses accelerate sales, build their reputation and brand loyalty, generate quotes, and deliver projects at ease. The tool can be integrated with other applications and platforms using various plugins.

Insightly Survey Integration: Use Cases

Insightly survey integration to set up the perfect CRM and sales process for your business. Create new contacts and identify new opportunities from survey responses. Nurture your new leads and convert them using Insightly survey integration.

Create contacts from survey submissions

Create new contacts from survey submissions. Keep your lead list up-to-date and avoid the juggle between tools using Insightly survey integration. Automate the process once and for all.

Create an opportunity from survey responses

Create new sales opportunities from survey responses. Grab leads with our lead generation forms and alert relevant teams about the new opportunity with Insightly survey integration.

Trigger a survey when a new lead is generated

Trigger a survey when a new lead is generated. Understand their use-case better, provide a personalized walkthrough session, and seal the deal with Insightly survey integration.

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