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Google Calendar
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Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you organize your meetings and share events with friends and co-workers. With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to manage your time and keep track of your daily schedule.

Google Calendar Survey Integration: Use Cases

Google Calendar survey integration helps you manage and improve your events efficiently. Send out post-meeting feedback surveys, generate attendees for an event, and notify event details to potential attendees seamlessly.

Trigger survey when an event ends

Trigger a survey to your co-workers automatically once an event ends. Ensure the meeting's outcomes are understood clearly. Be in sync with your employees' pulse using Google Calendar survey integration.

Generate attendees for an event

Generate attendees in Google Calendar when an event is created, using an event registration form. Be it a webinar or an online conference, gather attendees for your online events seamlessly with Google Calendar survey integration.

Trigger survey when an event is created

Trigger a survey when an event is created to notify potential attendees about the event details. With Google Calendar integration, bid farewell to back-and-forth emails and say hello to trouble-free communication!

Google Calendar App: Use Cases

Efficient Feedback Discussions

Users can schedule meetings directly from the survey response page when a significant issue or feedback arises from survey responses. You can invite team members and stakeholders, ensuring prompt attention to important matters. This eliminates the need for switching to Google Calendar separately, streamlining the process of addressing critical survey findings and fostering a faster response to issues.

Team Collaboration and Coordination

Users can create events related to specific survey responses, which are visible to team members. This facilitates team collaboration by providing a shared calendar view of important events tied to survey responses. This enhances team coordination by ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding upcoming discussions, deadlines, or actions related to survey insights.

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