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Facebook Pixel helps you collect data that aids you to build targeted audiences for ads, track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, and remarket to people.

Facebook Pixel Survey Integration: Use Cases

Measure the success of your survey and analyze its performance to optimize better. Facebook Pixel Integration helps to track key survey metrics like response rate, completion time, bounces, and more! Optimize your campaigns for better results using Facebook Pixel Integration.

Measure the responsiveness of your survey

Track survey performance using Facebook Pixel and gain insights about your users better. Analyze key parameters of your survey like views, completion rate, average time for completion, and decode user behavior. Optimize based on the insights.

Retarget non-responders & generate more leads

Retarget your audience by studying user behavior from previous campaigns. With Facebook Pixel Integration, understand lead data-driven campaigns. Reach out to non-responders with an optimized survey and generate more leads.

How to set up your Facebook Pixel Survey Integration


Connect your SurveySparrow account with Facebook Pixel.

Step 1: Navigate to Integrate > Integrations after creating your survey.

Step 2: From the list of integrations, select Facebook Pixel.

Step 3: Enter your Facebook Pixel tracking code. You can find the tracking code by navigating to Measure & Report > Pixels on your Facebook Ads Manager page.

Step 4: Enter your tracking code and click Connect.

Step 5: The integration is now successfully enabled. You are now all set to track your survey.

Step 6: Now, a Facebook Pixel trigger will be generated when a respondent accesses your survey, thus denoting a pageview. Followed by the complete submission of the survey, another trigger will be generated, denoting the complete_registration.

Step 7: You can then view the analytics of your survey on your Facebook Pixel dashboard -