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Do you Need a Survey Software

A study conducted by Invesp revealed some crucial statistics which cements the idea that customer feedback and listening to the voice of customers play an instrumental role in determining the success or failure of a business.

According to the research,

  • 90% of consumers browse reviews before opting for a product
  • 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as individual recommendations.
  • 72% of customers trust a business more which has positive reviews to boast about

These numbers are mighty sufficient to catalyze the decision of opting a survey software that collects customer feedback efficiently. The received feedback can be used to improve the product/service to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Where all do Survey Software Find use

An online survey software finds use in multiple domains such as customer feedback, employee feedback, marketing domain, healthcare to name a few. This comes as no surprise as businesses, be it any domain, rely heavily on the feedback to better the services they provide.

Employee Feedback

Survey Software finds a crucial place in organizations in the form of employee pulse surveys, employee satisfaction surveys to gauge the job satisfaction & happiness of employees. This feedback is employed to build a better work culture.


Survey software finds use in the field of education in the form of student feedback surveys, teacher evaluation surveys, parent satisfaction surveys and so on.


Survey Software is indispensable when it comes to marketing. From collecting lead information & feedback, user experience feedback surveys, website feedback surveys and so on, survey software plays a crucial role in business development and enhancement.


Validating research works with real-life data makes it extremely credible. Survey software finds application in academic research works and market research surveys to collect data from a particular audience. Market research helps a brand to launch a new product into a market or improve an existing one based on customer insights.


Survey Software finds use in the field of healthcare for collecting patient feedback, doctor feedback, patient registration forms, and the likes! This helps the institution to improve the quality of healthcare services and facilities provided to its patients.

What to Look for in a Survey Software

There is no dearth for survey software in the market. However, you know your business more than anybody else. Hence round-in on a survey software that meets all your required criteria. Nevertheless, there are some must-have features for any survey software. Have a look at what they are:

Pose relevant questions using elegant surveys.
Create visually appealing surveys with the right questions
Build Smart, Stunning Surveys

A survey software, undoubtedly, must be adept at creating surveys very quickly. With a few clicks, ticks and drag & drops, your first survey must be up and about. A visually appealing interface helps to grab the attention of your audience while a smartly crafted survey spikes up the completion rates. Ask only relevant questions using logic branching feature to ensure a high level of personalization.

Save time and efforts by automating periodic surveys.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

Why waste time and efforts manually resending the same pulse surveys over and over again? It’s something your survey software is capable of handling. Survey automation feature to send out periodic surveys to the required audience is a golden feature which makes a software stand out. All you need to do is set the survey configurations- date, time, and the frequency of sending the surveys and the software will take it from there.

Boost your completion rates of surveys by sharing generously across platforms.
Share your forms across multiple platforms
Share Options

Surveys are infamous for miserable completion rates and being left midway. Various factors such dull interface, a long list of irrelevant questions and such contribute to this. However, a key element includes poor visibility and reach for the surveys. Thus a survey software must offer multiple share options like email surveys, web links, social media, SMS share, embed option and more!

Extract pertinent data using the rich dashboard of survey software.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Powerful Reporting System

A survey software must come with a robust reporting module that furnishes detailed reports which throw light on various crucial areas. Thus you can get a panoramic view, touching every critical point. Find out what's amiss, what can be improved and the factors that make your product shine. These insights can be used to devise new strategies and better the decision-making process to make your business course in the right direction.

Segment your audience into various groups using audience management feature.
Segment your audience into various groups
Audience Management

Imagine having a cluttered list of your contacts, messed up in utter confusion; you would end up sending employee feedback surveys to your managers. That’s not going to be one bit pretty! Thus, the audience management feature of survey software. This feature helps you sort and segment your audience based on various criteria. Send the right surveys to the correct audience and get your contact lists sorted neat and tidy.

Employing SurveySparrow as Your Survey Software

It takes just a minute’s read to find out why having a survey software like SurveySparrow finds a top spot in your ROI list.

Dual UI platform

SurveySparrow’s survey software is the world’s first multiple UI platform. The software offers chat-like surveys and gentle reminder emails to partial and non-respondents urging them to take the survey. Get improved completion rates.

Multi-device Capability

Ensure that you provide utmost flexibility to your audience by choosing a survey software that has multi-device capability. In this manner, your respondents can take the survey anywhere, anytime according to their convenience. Be it in a subway or while hopping cabs, a tablet or mobile is all they need!

Rich Dashboard

SurveySparrow’s survey software comes with a rich reporting dashboard which slice and dice the collected data to give you rich survey insights. In this manner, you can take actionable measures based on the results yielded.

Online surveys have revolutionized the very fundamentals of collecting feedback. With the best survey software by your side, tap the best feedback from your audience and bridge the gap between what you provide and what they require. Make your brand stand out and the absolute favorite of your audience. With a vast, loyal customer pool, your business is sure to soar high with success.

Happy surveying!

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